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Moving NYC: Best Tips to Get Enough Sleep During the Move August 30, 2012 No Comments

Moving implies a long list of to-dos: is getting enough sleep also on your moving checklist? How are you coping with the stress and the uncomfortable situation of moving? You might say to yourself that there are too much things to supervise and take care of. Completing the sleep cycle and having a healthy move [...]

10 Great Songs for Your Move! January 11, 2012 No Comments

Moving can be fun! We state this with every occasion on this blog Here is another great idea to make the moving process more pleasant: uplifting music for your move! We all know that music is a great therapy for stress; it can induce a positive attitude toward a situation. Overall, it’s an important instrument [...]

Are you prepared for winter relocation? January 4, 2012 1 Comment

Winter is one of the best time of year to relax at home with the whole family, celebrating the holidays. This is a time of meditation, new plans and resolutions…and the last thing you would associate winter is with relocation:) But in one’s life can occur many situations when you have no other choice then [...]

10 Moving Essentials: How to Survive in the New Home! January 3, 2012 1 Comment

The first days in the new location can be hard and stressful: one of the moving trucks didn’t arrived yet, you forgot where you put the soap, some boxes are unmarked and you have to search in all of them to find the necessary items to get through the day. Well, then why not compile [...]

#23 Moving Tip of the Day December 10, 2011 No Comments

It’s always recommended to do an inventory. Visit all rooms and make sure to note down all the things that will be packed! ________________________________________________________________________________

How to Move a Couch-Zilla? November 30, 2011 1 Comment

Well, it is a pretty common concern during a move: how to squeeze a sofa through a narrow door or twisted stairs? Moreover, you wouldn’t want to be the “star” of a Youtube moving couch fail That is why we selected useful tips from professional movers and best tips around the web to help you [...]

#21 Empire Moving Tip of the Day November 21, 2011 No Comments

On your moving day, wake up before your movers Start early in order to have everything under control and organized. ________________________________________________________________________________

8 Tips You Should Know When Moving Valuable Items No Comments

In a previous post, we talked about how challenging is to move precious items such as jewelry. We considered that it would be useful to expand this topic with important aspects to take in consideration when moving other types of valuable items: medicine, personal/financial documents, trading cards, small collectible items, china and crystal, sterling silver, [...]

#19 Empire Moving Tip of the Day November 14, 2011 No Comments

The 30-Pound Rule: Try to keep moving boxes below 30 pounds, when possible, in order to prevent injuries and other unpleasant damages. ________________________________________________________________________________

#16 Empire Moving Tip of the Day November 7, 2011 No Comments

For hooking up easily electronic items when moving in your new home, take clear & focused photos of how the wires/cords are attached. ________________________________________________________________________________