Other Services

Other services

Empire Movers can provide a full-service moving experience! We would like to offer you a great move till the last detail.

Disposal and cleaning

Moving means a new start and we can make sure that you get rid easily of clutter, old furniture, equipment, unnecessary items. Empire Movers will dispose them for you, easily. Also, if you need to leave a clean place, prepared for sale or if your new home has to be cleaned prior to your arrival, Empire Movers can provide cleaning services, as well.

Carpentry services

When the move calls for it, we can protect and transport special items or valuable belongings and build customized wooden crates for sculptures, chandeliers, antiques and other complex furniture that needs crating.

Installation and IT

Empire Movers can provide IT technicians, if you plan to upgrade, replace or install a new IT system. We offer TV Installation services, as well, so you do not have to worry about.

Smart house services

Would you like to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your new home? Empire Movers can recommend you a professional team of engineers and technicians, that provide home automation services for an increased quality of life.