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In business, time is of the essence or, if you prefer, time is money. This is why, when it comes to office moving, you need the best team of commercial movers to make sure you have a fast and stress-free experience.

We, at Empire Movers - commercial moving company based in NYC - are experts in relocating all types of businesses - from a one-person office right up to a larger corporate facility.

Experts in commercial and office moving

  • Our commercial moving team's leading approach and specialized equipment provide a safe and efficient means of moving your goods.
  • Special teams of trained office movers are assigned for your sensitive data processing equipment.These talented corporate movers carefully handle your computer servers, workstations and phonesystems, offering you the best office moving services in New York.
  • We maintain communication with our New York business movers to ensure the most efficient useof our manpower in your service.
  • Our commercial moving company provides personal commercial moving services, customized toyour business' special needs.
  • Our staff can assist you in labeling, organizing and layout.

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Commercial moving services

Our New York commercial moving services include:

  • Office moving planning services.
  • Move supervision by a personal project manager throughout the office moving process.
  • Masonite boards to protect floors and / or carpets.
  • Expert office movers in packing & unpacking.
  • Tagging and marking of all items before the office move.
  • Moving experts handling of all office electronics and/or high-tech machinery.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of employee work stations and cubicles for offices.
  • Special services such as phone system removal and re-installation, computer de-installation and re-installation and computer rental.
  • Clean, late-model fleet of trucks equipped with hydraulic lift-gates, ramps, and multiple access doors to cut down on loading time.

Commercial moving process

Successfully moving a commercial enterprise is a complex operation. From this perspective,is the right commercial moving company for your business' relocation process. It requires identifying the customer's needs, planning to satisfy those needs in terms of economy and quality, communicating the plan to the customer for a flawless coordination of efforts and activities, while mustering the necessary men and equipment to handle the job according to the predetermined timetable.

Through lengthy experience in moving laboratories, hospital departments, banks, libraries, computer companies, law offices, multi-storey office buildings and other businesses, has developed a wide range of methods, equipment and services that handily fulfill the requirements of a professional commercial moving company.

Every commercial move includes a binding price well in advance in order to protect the moving company from any "surprises" that may occur on the day of the move. It is very important for us to maintain a fair price for our customers even though the relocation itself can take long hours or even days.

Office moving manpower

and its commercial moving team of highly qualified foremen oversee the operation and make sure the customer is satisfied. Our movers are knowledgeable of both general aspects and particularities of every job. The blending of their energy and skill assures that the move will be completed with optimum speed and efficiency. In most occasions, the commercial moving job is done during after hours or in the weekend, allowing the relocating business to suffer no down time. Empire Movers NYC work seven days a week, day or night, with the goal of servicing our customers in the manner most convenient to them.

Office moving equipment

uses the latest in protective and timesaving commercial moving equipment together with the best commercial moving services. This includes: masonite walk-boards for carpet protection, library and panel carts, hand and pallet trucks, dollies, furniture pads, ramps, traps, etc.