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Our residential & apartment movers are trained professionals that take great pride in theirwork and will take the utmost care when handling your belongings during a residential move.

In New York City, residential moving is considered to be the hardest branch of the movingindustry. However, besides being expert apartment movers, we are also people who lovedoing their job. Our passion is what established us among the leading residential movingcompanies in NYC.

Professional apartment movers

All goods are wrapped and protected before being removed from your home. Combinedwith air ride suspension and GPS tracking, we guarantee your belongings arrive intact andon time. There is never a charge for the blankets and tape we use to protect your furnitureduring the move.

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We take care of your Building Paperwork!

We’ll protect your building’s floors, when required by building management, and show a Certificate of Insurance as required by your building.

  • We aim to be the best moving company in New York!
  • We do free delivery of boxes and supplies before the moving day, if requested!

Flat rate or hourly rate. You choose

We offer you the option of choosing the moving service that you want!

  1. A Written Binding Estimates (Flat Rate Quote)
    With a Written Binding Estimate, the price we quote is the price you pay. A Written Binding Estimate is the correct legal term for a “flat” or “guaranteed” price, as opposed to an hourly estimate. A WBE is based on a firm, agreed upon inventory of goods to be moved and services to be provided
  2. B Hourly Rate
    The crew hourly rate is based on the number of residential movers and trucks required. We always assign the optimal number of movers to each and every job in order to minimize cost and maximize efficiency. For local moves that originate in New York, the clock starts when the movers arrive at the origin and stops upon completion of the delivery.

We will do the packing and unpacking for you!

Packing and unpacking are done at the same hourly rate as the move. You are only charged the straight hourly rate for all labor services. There is no surcharge whatsoever while they are packing and/or unpacking.

When do we charge for Boxes and Packing Materials?

All boxes and packing materials are charged as used. When you are packed up and ready to go, or provide your own adequate boxes and materials, we will not add anything to the hourly rate as a additional expense. In the event an item, such as a glass or marble table top or glass doors, requires a cardboard crate, the foreman will advise you of the cost and the crate will be made on the spot. You will only be charged for actual materials used.

VERY IMPORTANT! All drawers are to be emptied prior to the move. Clothing and linens should be packed into medium sized boxes (linen boxes). Empire Movers does not accept any goods in paper or plastic bags; loose items, including televisions, electronics, lamps, pictures and mirrors must be boxed for safety and will not be carried otherwise.

What is Travel Time?

For local moves that originate in New York, under New York State law, travel time considers the time it takes to travel to and from the job site.  For local moves that originate in New Jersey, time considers the total mileage traveled to the origin, from the origin to the destination, and back to dispatch. The time is based on the total mileage traveled by our crew.