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New York Movers&Storage in Winter 2010/11

November 26, 2010

Our experience in relocating New York, moving and storage of belongings shows that moving in winter time is not a simple task for our clients. Winter makes moving a tougher experience, mainly because of low temperatures. But you can move the “the warm way” when you have a professional team of New York movers by your side.

So put yourself in a good frame of mind and start planning your move despite the temperature outside. Plus, always keep in mind that you can have a full service move and storage in all New York!

Winter Moving in New York

Winter Moving in New York. Photo credit: uk.ibtimes.com

If you already contacted some moving companies you probably know by now that no one wants to deal with chilly weather nor feeling warmed up to idea of driving on thick snow or on “black ice”. At Empire New York Movers we are fully equipped and available all year long. Our storage facilities are climate controlled, clean and dry. Get a free quote from us too and maybe you get low moving rates for this winter season. 😉

A few tips on moving and storage in winter that may give you a heads up. It is what our professional moving ny team will advise any client that wants to move in New York, or anywhere else in winter.

Moving New York in winter:

1. No matter where you are moving to always plan for cold weather.

2. Don’t pack all your warm clothes. Hazardous cold weather can take us by surprise at your new location during winter.

3. Clear your driveways and sidewalks from ice and snow to prevent movers from skidding while loading or unloading your belongings.

Storage New York:

If you decide that you will not need storage services ny (actually this is not so recommended in winter ), or have a long distance move, you must prepare your belongings will be in cold a while. Therefore avoid packing liquids that can freeze during moving
and wood furniture or other items can get damage in low temperatures. Ask your moving company for appropriate moving packing material for any objects that are cold-sensitive and remember to take your plants with you and don’t leave them in cold temperatures for a long time.

It is common for one to feel overwhelmed by winter time moving in New York. For those who are having anxiety problems with moving during this time of year, you can definitely turn a negative into a positive by making the most of your move.

Contact our moving company and check for availability. (212 – 365 – 8367)