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Who is moving to New York?

November 25, 2010

When a recent Pew Research poll asked Americans about different cities and whether or not they’d like to live there, 45 percent of the people under 35 said they’d like to move in New York. Almost half of young America wants to move to New York. They move to New York for practical and predictable reasons: schools, universities, jobs, trailed after love, following their dreams and aspirations.

moving to New York

Moving in the Big Apple

According to a American Community Survey, just over half of current New Yorkers—50.5 percent to be exact—moved in New York either from another country or another state.

I love new york

Love for New York

Despite the recession—or, in some cases, because of it—people are moving to New York. They pack their bags and move to New York. So if you be glad if you are already here because roughly half of young America may want to switch places with you right now.

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