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Moving to/from Manhattan: How to Move Art?

November 28, 2011

how to move artwork paintings

Manhattan Relocation #4 FAQ

questions about moving relocation moversPaintings are not just simple objects decorating our home. They may have a special meaning for their owner. They can induce an exquisite atmosphere to a room and make us stop for just a second from our busy life and admire them, having a peaceful moment with ourselves.

For certainly, we should take good care of these art “treasures”, especially during the moving process. So, what should you know when moving artwork?


Manhattan Movers Answer

answers about moving relocation moversFirst of all, you should estimate the value of your paintings. If you are dealing with transporting expensive artwork, it is recommended to contact an expert in moving fine art that has experience in moving art and an evaluator than can appreciate the value of your art objects for insurance matters. Each piece of artwork can be different in size, material, so it needs to be handled in the most suitable manner.

Generally, a protective moving box will be prepared for each painting, matching the exact specification of that piece. In order to offer total care, the best packing method will be discussed with the team of fine art movers. Their expertise can help you to choose the best wrapping, protective materials.

Also, make sure that the moving company you are hiring has a proper moving vehicle to transport these kind of objects, as paintings must be kept in certain temperature and medium in order to not be damaged.