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How to Protect Carpets While Moving Around NYC?

September 28, 2012

how to protect carpets when moving nyc

We continue our series of posts dedicated to house moving tips! In the previous “episode” we offered some solutions to protect hardwood floors from furniture scratches. How about protection for carpets? If taking them off is not an option to clear the path for your NYC movers, then you might consider the following possibilities:

  • For large surfaces covered with carpets you can buy a rug film protector. It’s easy to find them in home improvements shops or you might ask for them at the NYC moving companies that offer packing suppliers as well.
  • A cheaper solution includes utilizing towels, old clothes, plastic bags, but be sure to use tape to secure the improvised covering as accidents from tripping can be easily caused by this alternative.
  • In case of special, valuable carpets, it’s best to ask the advice of the New York moving crew that is helping you out. Professional movers can offer useful tips to prevent damaging carpets of great value that need extra care.
  • Be sure to check the weather forecast, rainy and snowy days can affect greatly your carpets, especially if during the moving day, the hired NYC movers have to enter your home several times to transport your furniture items.
  • Have you consider buying disposable shoe covers? These waterproof plastic covers can be cost efficient and are simple to use.

Have a great move and if you have any tips of protecting carpets on moving day, share them with us!