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NYC Moving During the Holidays?

December 14, 2013

moving during the holidays nyc

It is only the beginning of December and everybody is already in the “holiday mood”: carols and multicolored lights are all around us and the gift craze is on 🙂 Nevertheless, how do you prepare for celebration when you have to move to/from NYC in this time of year? Keeping your family traditions alive might be stressful when you are planning a move in the same time. Moving in general is perceived as a hassle, so be sure to read these quick holiday moving tips to have a great time during the winter holidays:

  • Avoid worrying about finding movers during Christmas Eve and start searching for available moving companies as soon as you know your moving day. Some of them could have limited opening hours during the holidays. Even though the main criteria would be the availability of the moving crew during the holiday, don’t forget to check their reputation and working standards, as moving during winter includes cold weather, icy stairs and difficult traffic conditions.
  • It is best not to mix special holiday items with other items that need to be packed and moved. It will be easier to create a festive, warm atmosphere with decorations box nearby. Your new home will be more welcoming and ready for celebration if you will have your Christmas decorations at hand.
  • Make the moving process as pleasant as possible. Why not set the good mood with a CD with holiday cheerful songs or have a board game nearby for family breaks? The secret is to keep balance between workload and relax time.
  • If you’re new location doesn’t look like a good place for a holiday gathering, why not visit a nice place in town? It would be an opportunity to get a feeling about the community.
  • Be sure to have plan Bs if the moving crew arrives later or your schedule changes. Communicate all the necessary details to your family, friends or other persons that help you with the relocation.

Have you experienced a move during holidays?

4 responses to “NYC Moving During the Holidays?”

  1. Rebecca says:

    On one hand, moving during the holiday season is very untraditional and uncommon. On the other hand, this way you will have wider selection of available movers, who will not be overwhelmed with too much work, so that your removal will be handled with extra care. So, it has its own advantages…

  2. Joe says:

    We sold our house a few weeks ago and need to be out of our house here in about three weeks. So the whole week I was busy in PACKING, PACKING and PACKING. For any of you who have moved, you know what a pain it is. So, I was literally searching online for the great packing tips. However I found this blog which was very informative like yours.

  3. Juan Wolbrecht says:

    This site is absolutely fabulous!

  4. Hilario Umbrell says:

    Keep up the great work guyz.

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