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Cross-country moving checklist – Things you should do BEFORE your big move

May 15, 2018

We doubt anyone has ever said moving was fun, but it is an inevitable part of your adult life. Whether you’re moving for personal reasons or because of work, whenever you’re moving cross-country the distance just adds to the hassle of it all. To keep you from getting bogged-down in all the details involved in moving cross-country, Empire Movers has prepared a checklist of things you must do before your moving day, in order to facilitate this transition for you:

Find a moving company for your cross-country move

Take care of this task about 2 months in advance. If you’re moving cross-country for your own personal reasons, ask your friends or family for referrals of moving services they used, or use the Internet to find some reputable ones in your area. After you’ve settled on a few moving companies, call them up and ask for quotes and make sure they include all the extra little things that can add up, such as packing supplies or extra charges for packing and unpacking your belongings and so on. If your employer is relocating you, he might have a couple of companies he works with on a daily basis and should be able to give you their contact information.

Warn your utility companies

Also with an advance of 2 months, you should make sure to call your electricity, water, gas, internet and telephone providers. Check how you can go about getting your deposit back or whether the deposit for your new connections can be waived based on a letter of service from your current utility providers. Furthermore, if you’re moving cross-country, don’t forget to call any providers in your new location and let them know the date by which you will need their services to be functional.

Figure out your new insurance

60 days in advance you will want to get in touch with your car and health insurance providers. You have to discuss if the rates will change. If you’re moving cross-country, it might be that you need to find new insurance providers altogether, as not everyone provides nation-wide coverage.

Contact your children’s new school

If you are a parent, this one is obvious. You need to start figure this out as soon as possible. If you’re moving cross-country with your children, make certain to get the required records in time. How soon you need to start on these varies with the time of year. But your current school administrator should be able to help you out.

Talk to the DMV

If you own a car, a month prior to moving cross-country you should contact the DMV. See what their requirements are for transferring driver’s licenses and tags. Try and find out all the details on the phone. This way, you’ll be prepared during the actual visit. You will cut down on the time you need to spend on this.

Contact your bank

Unless you want your credit card to be frozen due to suspicious activity, you should call your banks. Especially if you’re moving cross-country. Do this about 30 days in advance.