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Ideas for housewarming presents

May 24, 2018

We’ve all been in the situation of finding ourselves invited to the housewarming party of a close friend or relative, or simply a work buddy or acquaintance and thus know how difficult it is to find a present for somebody that’s just moved to a new place. We’re here to offer you a few of our ideas, to help you better choose:

If you’re willing to dish out the money, small kitchen appliances are always a no-brainer. Some aren’t even that expensive. If you’re looking for a present for a friend that’s just moved, try a new coffee machine or blender, etc. Just try and make certain that they don’t already own one. Or that the one you’re getting them is an upgrade.

Staying in the kitchen area, similarly practical present for those that just moved could be a set of Tupperware or a breakfast tray or a set of coffee mugs. There’s always something you can get them in this department that they could make good use of. So feel free to browse the kitchen aisles if you go present shopping for somebody that’s recently moved to a new place.

Another big winner is art. While this can get pricey, it doesn’t have to. Shop the flea market or look online for prints you think your loved one will love to see hanging on their wall every day. This isn’t something that most of us consider buying for ourselves most of the times. And that’s because our budget goes to more basic needs. So, getting a thoughtful piece of art for them can be a great present for anyone that’s just moved.

Encourage their green thumb by getting them a nice plant. This could be simply decorative, or can be something practical, like herbs you know they love to use when cooking. This is generally a very budget-friendly idea of a present to offer to anyone. It will make their home feel more cosy and will remind you of them continuously.

Finally you should also look into personalized gifts. This category is pretty much endless. However, a few options worth mentioning are wooden plaques to hang on their wall with some inspirational quote about homes and families, engraved glasses or personalized doormats. These can range from funny to religious to whatever you want them to be. So they allow you to perfectly tailor the gift according to the situation and the person you are presenting it to. Plus, the amount of effort put into this shows that you care to go the extra mile for them.

Housewarming gifts should come from the heart

Of course, there are so many more options for you to choose from when considering what to get as a present for a housewarming party. We, the Empire Movers team, hope that our ideas will help you get a few of your own and that you will find the perfect housewarming gift.