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How to treat your movers?

May 11, 2018

If you haven’t moved around a lot you might not be aware of the proper etiquette regarding how to treat your movers. Here are a few tips to help you navigate this particular social situation:

Tipping your movers

If you’re open to tipping your movers, a good strategy is generally to let them know ahead of time that that is a possibility. You will be surprised on how motivating this could be for them. When the move is over, or the part a specific crew has in your move, it’s time to evaluate their performance and decide if your promised reward should be forthcoming or not. There are different things to consider and factor in this decision, as well as in the decision on how much their service was worth. But something we can definitely advise you on is to tip your movers individually. There are a couple of reasons why this should be done. You will probably find that not everyone was as committed or as helpful as the others.

Tipping your movers individually will allow you to take that into account and it will show your appreciation to each of them. Furthermore, although we like to think that this is a rare occurrence, if you tip only one person, you run the risk of the money not being distributed accordingly (if at all). If you do prefer to do that, make sure you do it in front of the others and state clearly that the money is supposed to be split evenly among all the movers. If you want to tip your movers, this is a way to ensure that will happen.

Other small gestures

Often enough, treating your movers with basic good will and kindness goes a long way. This goes for all the people in the service industry, so it applies to them as well. Treat them with respect, be aware of their needs and be considerate, and always communicate. Of the small things you can do for them, apart from tipping your movers, here is one. Be sure to be home on the agreed time on your moving day. You don’t like to wait and neither do they. Everybody is on a tight schedule. When setting up the move, provide them with all the information they need, any particular requests or requirements or any difficulties you might expect them to encounter.

Offer your movers drinks and maybe a couple of snacks as well. Keep in mind the season when doing this. An ice cold beer is not exactly appropriate for a harsh winter day. You might also want to ask them ahead of time what snacks or drinks they prefer. We don’t really recommend buying them lunch as a substitute for tipping your movers though. They’ll be on the rush and most likely will not have the time to enjoy it.

If you have your big moving day coming up, these guidelines should help you better navigate through it. If you’re uncertain on how much to tip your movers, be sure to check out our other articles on the subject. We’ll tell you what rates are appropriate for which situations.