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What to take into account before deciding to move away from friends

May 23, 2018

Statistically speaking, during your lifetime you are likely to move every five years. This move can be because you want more space, lowered expenses, a better neighbourhood for your kids, a better job or different climate. What we seldom take into account when considering the pros and cons of a move is the circle of friends we’ll be leaving behind. This Empire Movers article strives to tell you about a few things to keep in mind when it comes to moving away from friends.

While you can certainly keep in touch with your old friends, it’s not the same as actually doing your favourite activities with them. Not only does this affect your friendship, but it affects you as well. You’re less likely to go to a book club or go see a movie or go dancing by yourself. You’ll also be losing their support. Sure, you can call them at 3 in the morning to tell them about your lousy day, but you can’t have their physical support. So when deciding to move away, keep in mind that your wellbeing and happiness is tied up with the friends you have.

New friendships will cost you. And by that we don’t mean money (necessarily). Moving away from your friends means that you have to make new ones. That’s unless you want to end up being the crazy cat lady. But with new friendships comes an increase in your stress level, anxiety levels, even simply time. Meeting new people and building up a new friendship after you’ve moved someplace new can be a very tiring undertaking. Plus, the odds of you finding your new best friend on the first try are fairly low. And you might end up resenting every effort wasted on people that didn’t deserve it. As a result, you might even resent the decision to move.

Moving away from friends is a big step

Of course, these aren’t reasons to not move. You might simply be forced to move for financial reasons or career opportunities. However, there are times in our lives when we simply need to pause and think about what we value most. This is especially true when considering a move. And  it’s not simply limited to whether we want that bigger bedroom or sunnier weather. On the bright side of things, if you do decide to leave your friends behind when moving, keep in mind that there are great people all over this big world. Just don’t forget to add ‘making new friends’ on your next moving checklist.