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Moving a grand piano

May 9, 2018

We finally reached the mother lode of all pianos – the grand piano. Due to its sheer size, this type of piano is less likely to be seen in private homes. But in case you’re one of the rare exceptions and wish to move your piano, we’ve got your back.

Grand pianos are known for their superior sound quality. But also for their size. A ‘petite’ grand piano can start at around 500 pounds, while at the other end of the spectrum, a concert grand piano weighs in at an astounding 1300 pounds and measures over 9 feet at its widest point. If you’re planning on moving your grand piano, here are some basic steps to keep in mind.

As with other types of pianos, the first thing to do would be to plan your route. The difference here is that grand pianos are typically moved on-end. So when you’re measuring any doorways to make certain the piano will fit, you will have to take into account the front to back length of the piano. And, as always, make sure you have several inches of clearance to maneuvre. If your piano is simply too deep to move through any doors along your way, seek professional help.

Moving this type of piano will require the use of a rolling skid board. The goal would be to set the piano in a vertical position on your skid board, with the bass side placed on the actual board, and the treble side pointing towards the ceiling. But prior to this, you will want to secure the lid of the piano, remove the legs and wrap it in thick blankets to protect it from any scratches. Once the piano is up on the rolling skid board and properly balanced, you can move your piano through a simple push-and-pull action. You will want people on hand to help make certain the piano stays upright, keeping in mind that the centre of balance is likely to be closer to the bass end of the piano.

Final word

Finally, please be aware that, when moving a grand piano, you might be better off hiring professionals. The risk of injury, as well as property damage, is fairly high. Hiring a team of movers to take care of moving your piano will guarantee the safety of your precious instrument. So don’t hesitate to call Empire Movers. We’re always happy to help.

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