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Moving to Manhattan: survival guide

May 31, 2018

Ask anybody that lives in New York. They’ll tell you that it’s quite the unique experience and individualized for each borough. But Manhattan is somehow ‘the city’, representing somehow the core of the New York experience. Moving to Manhattan can be a great idea if you’re willing to spice things up and take on a challenge. It can prove difficult to adapt, if you don’t know what you’re going in for. Here are a few tips to help you survive after you move to Manhattan:

Public Transportation, your new best friend

You should be aware of the fact that driving in this area is particularly difficult. If you don’t want to find yourself being constantly late and undertaking frantic searches for available parking spots, storing your car would probably be best. Afterwards, meet your new best friend – public transportation. Moving to Manhattan would mean moving to a borough with an extraordinary public transportation system. It consists of subways, buses, and taxis. And it can get you where you want and do it faster than you could go with your personal car.


As you would probably expect, a move to Manhattan will imply a thorough analysis and redistribution of your available budget. Depending on where you’re coming from, you will probably find that living the exact same life style as before won’t be possible. You’ll have to tighten the belt, be more careful what you spend your money on.

Shopping and eating in Manhattan

These two aspects are tied in to the transportation one. If you are used to stocking up once every couple of weeks at a grocery store, you’ll find that will be more difficult after moving to Manhattan. Since you’ll be bound to using the public transportation system, you can only really buy as much as you can carry yourself. So you’ll want to get used to taking short trips to the bodega on the corner, shopping for what you need for a couple of days at a time. Also, your eating habits might change as well. Maybe you used to pack a lunch every day for work, but again, consider you’ll have to lug that with you on the subway. You might end up eating out more often than you’re used to. So if you’re considering moving to Manhattan, plan accordingly.


As part of your budgeting ordeal, you’ll find that the prices per square foot are quite a bit higher than what you’ve been paying up until now. Moving to Manhattan offers the great opportunity for you to sift through your belongings and purge everything you don’t need or use from them. If you want to maintain your sanity, you will probably need to be able to stay very organized with your things and maximize the space you do have available. There are plenty of resources with tips on how to do this. And, if you plan to move to Manhattan or have already done so, you should check some of them out.

Be ready to sacrifice

Moving to Manhattan will probably make you sacrifice a few of the amenities you love. You might not have a dishwasher or drier in your new place, or maybe the elevator doesn’t work. However, if you have fallen for the city, you’ll soon find out that there are many little conveniences that you can live without in order to call Manhattan your new home.

We hope that we could help you get your bearings after moving to Manhattan and that you will survive the wonderful jungle that Manhattan truly is.