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Moving your studio or large upright piano

May 10, 2018

We’ve already discussed how moving a piano can be a difficult undertaking, but trust us when we say, it only gets worse from here on out. Moving a spinet piano is by far easier than moving a studio or large upright piano. If you’re looking to move and moving your piano with you is an absolute must, read on for our tips on how to properly move a studio or large upright piano.

Moving a studio or large upright piano

As common as the spinet piano is, it stopped being manufactured, largely, at the end of the 20th century. Today, a far more common fixture in artist’s homes are a couple of different types of upright pianos, namely the full vertical upright piano and its smaller, studio version piano. If you’re considering moving your piano, the difference between these two is obvious – the size. The studio upright piano generally weighs between 400 pounds and a whopping 600 pounds.

The larger, full vertical piano tops that and can end up at half a ton. Our backs are already aching at the thought. But weight is not everything. When moving your piano, you will have to be aware of its center of gravity as well. A studio piano’s center of gravity will be lower. That’s because its height is only about 4 feet, as opposed to the 5 feet of the full vertical piano. Conversely, the full vertical will be more top-heavy and will require extra care to balance it properly.

As is generally the case when planning to move anything, really, the first thing you’ll have to do is properly organize your actions. For moving your piano, this will mean calculating your route to the moving truck and then from the truck to your new place. This includes measuring every entrance you have to pass through with the piano, to make certain you won’t find yourself stuck on the day you will actually be moving the piano.

Furthermore, you will want to make certain that the path is cleared of any obstacles. You will not want anyone to be slipping on your dog’s toy along the way. The ‘one person for each 100 pounds’ rule is still valid here as well. So call up more friends if you don’t have enough lined up already. Also, make sure to provide proper work gloves and even support belts, if you can, to help prevent unnecessary strain to anyone’s back.

Now, when it comes to the actual move, you will find that using the same method as for a spinet piano is not efficient. These larger models are simply too bulky to move without the use of a wide dolly. Make sure to rent one if you don’t have one. When moving the piano onto the dolly, make sure to remember that they are top-heavy. Don’t let gravity take its toll and ensure proper support through guided actions, so that it doesn’t tip over. Once the piano is on the dolly, move the piano slowly to its destination. If at any point during this operation the piano seems unbalanced, stop what you’re doing. Readjust the piano’s position or yours accordingly.

Final word

With these tips in mind, we hope that moving your large upright piano will be a success story. And if you need help, don’t hesitate to call Empire Movers. We’re here for you anytime.