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Other tips concerning piano moving

May 14, 2018

So far we’ve covered moving different types of pianos and the various requirements they will pose. Now we want to offer you some tips that are generally valid for when you’re moving your piano. Once again, do take the time to consider when moving your piano might be an overwhelming job for you. Don’t hesitate to hire professional piano movers. But, if for whatever reason you do decide to move your piano by yourself, here are some extra tips and tricks:

Tips and tricks

When considering the number of friends you’ll need to help you move your piano, always overestimate and shoot for more than you think you’ll actually need. You never know when someone might cancel on you or when somebody simply gets too tired.

Communication is key when moving your piano. Make sure everybody knows the plan and give directions loudly and clearly to make moving your piano easier and safer on everyone.

Tell your helpers to let you know when they need a rest a couple of moments ahead, so that everybody will be able to put the piano you’re moving down at the same time.

When moving the piano into your moving truck, be sure to strap it securely into place, to prevent any damage that might come from the piano moving around during your trip.

If you’re moving your piano on a cloudy or rainy day, consider wrapping it in a plastic sheet of sorts, to prevent any water damage from occurring.

Keep in mind that generally speaking, the sides of your piano are the most sensitive parts. So, when moving your piano, make sure to move it on its end, not on the piano’s side.

If, during the moving of your piano, it becomes unstable or unbalanced and starts falling, never try to catch it. This is the moment to step out of the way and cut your losses. The injuries you could attain otherwise are simply not worth it.

When moving your piano, never try to simply slide it around on its casters. This will just end up damaging both your floor and your piano.

The special cases: moving a grand piano and moving any piano up or down stairs. These are jobs for the pros. If you absolutely must do it yourself, make certain your helpers are in good shape, well-rested and with at least a general understanding of inertia and such phenomena. The weirdly-placed center of gravity in a grand piano can make moving it even more difficult than it generally is.