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Tips and tricks for moving furniture

May 17, 2018

Whether you’re relocating and have chosen to skip hiring moving professionals or if you’re simply redecorating, you’ve probably wondered how in heavens are you supposed to move that massive piece of furniture around. We have some tips for you that involve less heavy lifting and more smart lifting.

Tips and tricks for moving furniture

If the piece of furniture you’re moving is on the larger side, you’re better off not trying to lift it. Your back will thank you for this. Instead, try and slide it across the room. If you do resort to lifting the piece of furniture you’re moving, do so with your back straight, and lift with your legs, not your arms and shoulders.

If you are going for the sliding technique when moving heavy items, this will make your life easier. By rocking the piece of furniture back and forth slightly, slide either a towel or some cardboard under it, and tow it across the room. Towels or some similar fabric works well for bare floors, while cardboard makes a smooth ride over carpeted areas.

Magic Sliders can also be your friend and ally in such cases and they work as a pre-emptive method as well. Just slide these little things under your furniture and moving your furniture around will never be easier.

Play around a bit and figure out if pushing or pulling on the particular piece of furniture works better. While it might seem the more natural manner of going about things, pushing a piece of furniture you’re moving might not be as efficient as pulling on it. Of course, you have to be able to get a proper grip on it in order for that to work. If you do want to attempt pulling your belongings across the room when moving it, use your arms as a brace and lower your body and then slowly move backwards.

This one should be obvious, but you might be tempted to skip this step out of laziness. If you’re planning on doing any furniture moving, don’t do it with it loaded up. Before you move your items, make sure to empty out all the drawers or cupboards or whatever other similar spaces. This will lower the weight you will actually have to work with. Additionally, this will also prevent something from accidentally falling out and breaking.

Final Word

So, whenever you plan on moving furniture around, be it to a new house or just a new place in the room, make sure to keep these tips in mind. They’ll definitely facilitate your job! And if you need additional help, give Empire Movers a call. We’re here for you anytime.