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What to gift someone who’s moving away

May 23, 2018

We’ve all been in the position of a friend moving away. In these types of situations, most of us have found ourselves wondering what would be an appropriate gift. The gift that would be most appropriate is obviously dependent on your relationship with said person and the type of person they simply are. But, for general guidelines, here are a couple of ideas that we, at Empire Movers, have found useful in the past.

If the person that’s moving away is a close friend, you’ll want to go for something with sentimental value. One of our favorite gift for a friend that is moving is an electronic picture frame loaded up with all your favorite pictures of your fun times together.

This idea would work for mostly anyone. Make up a basket of whatever you think will remind them of the place they’re leaving behind, or things that they won’t find where they’re moving. Maybe some specific spices or sweets or their favourite local magazine. Let your imagination free.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone that’s moving to a big city, a guide book and a map might be in order. A map sounds too old fashioned. But it won’t run out of battery in need. And a guide book will help them find the interesting hot spots and activities they might enjoy.

A gift basket with some of the basics they’ll need when getting to their new home is also a decent idea for a present. Include some travel-sized toiletries and some snacks for when they get there. Maybe a bottle of wine to celebrate or print out some take-out menus from their new city.

Anything handmade or customized would make a lovely present for someone that’s moving away. This again depends on your relationship and even your own craftiness. Maybe knit a scarf or buy a wallet embossed with their initials. The possibilities are endless. But everybody enjoys getting something specifically made for them, more so when it comes from someone they cherish. So, if your friend is moving away, check out etsy.com or similar websites if you’re not one for the arts and crafts yet still wish to get them something personalized.

Clothing can also make a nice gift for somebody that’s moving away, especially if they’re moving to a different climate. If your friend is moving to a colder climate, get them a nice scarf or pair of gloves. Conversely, if they’re leaving a rainy area for some sunny beaches, buy them a bathing suit or a pair of flip-flops.

An obvious option is extra storage space. If you know they’re not already set up in this department, but are planning to move away, a nice travel backpack or suitcase might make a great practical gift.

Moving away is a good excuse to buy someone a gift

When it comes to choosing the perfect present for someone who’s moving away, the possibilities are countless. Well, the budget does set a limit. But we think we covered the basics with these ideas. So we hope you’ll find something suitable the next time you’re wondering what to get for friend that’s moving away.