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How to disassemble a mechanized or non-slate pool table

June 13, 2018

Though not as common as the standard slate pool table, the mechanized or non-slate pool table still finds its way into the homes of many pool fans. These coin-operated tables, with ball return mechanisms, are much more complex, and much harder to take apart than their standard slate cousins. Fortunately, Empire Movers can offer you some tips.

Over the years, our team of professional movers has taken apart numerous mechanized or non-slate pool tables. If you want to move yours to a new location and you need to disassemble it, here’s what you have to do.

1. Remove the rails and legs of your non-slate pool table

Use a socket wrench to detach the rail bolts from the table. Afterwards, flip the non-slate pool table over gently and unbolt the legs. Stop here. Do not try to take apart the rest of the table. We can assure you that you will need professional help for this. That’s if you still want to use the pool table once you put it back together. Removing the coin-operated mechanism is a job best left to those who know what they’re doing.

2. Be careful with the ball return system

If you must take the ball return system apart, be very careful. It’s best to only do it if you have an older table on your hands, one with a simpler mechanism.. With coin-operated models, it’s best to leave the ball return system attached and transport the pool table like that.

3. Do not disassemble non-slate pool tables

If the surface of your non-slate pool table is made from fiberboard, wood or any other non-slate material, you should transport it in one piece. These tables are usually low-cost. They’re not meant to be taken apart, not even by professionals. They might even have folding legs, to make transport easier.

Final word

A mechanized or non-slate pool table might not be as high maintenance as a standard slate pool table, but it can still be hard to transport. If you don’t want to waste any of your free time taking it apart and moving it, you can always hire professional movers. They know exactly what they have to do and will be able to finish the job fast and without causing any damage to your pool table. If you’re looking to move your pool table to a new location, don’t hesitate to give Empire Movers a call.