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How to move large items the right way

June 20, 2018

Moving large items isn’t for everyone. Not just because it usually takes several people to move such items, but also because the risk of injury is quite high. As is the risk of damage to your belongings. Our advice, as professional movers, is to leave such things to professionals. But if you absolutely must move large items by yourself, then here are some tips that might be useful.

Of course, it’s important that you always keep in mind the fact that moving heavy furniture, loaded boxes and other such items is dangerous. No matter what items you move and where you move them, remember to put your own safety first.

Brains can help you move large items much better than muscles

No matter how strong you are, take a minute to look at the situation first. And only afterwards proceed to lifting things. Try to understand where you need to move that large piece of furniture, what obstacles are in the way, if there are any stairs, if there’s any chance that the item will break while being moved, and other such aspects.

And don’t be afraid to grab the measuring tape and measure both the doors and the items. If it so happens that the large item you’re looking to move might not be able to pass through the door, see if you can disassemble it. This will also make your job easier.

Finally, figure out if you can lift the item by yourself. If you can’t, ask some friends to help. It’s actually a pretty good idea to ask for help when looking to move large items. But remember, if you feel that you can’t lift the item, just don’t do it. Trust your instincts. They may end up saving your back and joints.

Take the item apart if you can

Most people don’t like to take things apart. It’s because this means that they’ll have to do more work. So they try to lift the heavy things as they are and they end up hurting themselves or destroying their belongings.

If you can take a large item apart, just do it. Yes, it will take more time and work, but at least you’ll be safe. Remove drawers and their contents, take shelves down, remove legs, etc. Doing this will make the large item smaller and lighter. Maybe you’ll even be able to move it by yourself, without any help. And definitely without hurting yourself.

Don’t go for the quick and easy solution when looking to move large items. The quick and easy way will only take you to the hospital.

Protect your possessions

If you’re not a professional mover, then start by assuming that you don’t know what you’re doing. And, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s best to protect yourself and your belongings. In fact, you should add extra protection.

Use bubble wrap, furniture blankets or pads, to protect your furniture. And secure these items with tape, to make sure they won’t slip off during transportation.

Trying to move large items will take a lot out of you. You will get tired and mistakes will happen. Using extra protection for your belongings will save you money in the end.

Don’t pull! Push!

You may not know this, but pushing is a lot easier on your body than pulling. So push, don’t pull or lift, when looking to move large items.

But remember that you also have to take care of your floors. So place a cardboard or an old rug under that piano, and push it afterwards. This way, you won’t scratch your floors and you won’t break your back either.

Use moving tools

Sometimes, a piece of cardboard or an old rug won’t be enough. At this point, you may want to think about using some moving tools. These were designed especially to help move large items, so you won’t go wrong if you decide to use them. Some useful moving tools include: lifting straps, utility dollies, stair rollers and glides.

Professional movers know how to use these items the right way. If you’re new to them, take a minute to understand how they work. And if you believe that you can’t figure them out, don’t hesitate to ask for help. It’s a lot better to ask for help than to end up in the hospital.