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Moving – Should you do it yourself or leave it to the professionals?

June 4, 2018

When deciding on whether you should take on the challenge of moving by yourself or hiring movers, there are a few things you should keep in mind. As you will soon see, doing it yourself isn’t always the best option, or even the cheapest.

Distance and transportation

Are you moving from a different state to or are you moving locally? A local move will obviously involve less mileage, which will lower the travel time and the gas expenses. On the other hand, a long distance move will often involve expenses other than the standard ones you would expect from moving. These can be plane ticket costs or overnight stays at hotels along the way. Other aspects to keep in mind for the actual transportation of your things is that it will most likely take you longer than it would a team of movers. So even though it would seem to be cheaper to hire your own moving truck, the days will add up. Additionally, the truck rental prices vary by the size you need, the insurance, and you’d be responsible for everything. If you’re moving to a city you’re not familiar with, you’ll probably even be challenged by finding a proper parking space close enough to your new place.

Moving supplies

The necessary supplies can add up quite a bit to your total expenses. When moving yourself, you have to consider how big your current place is. You obviously need more boxes to pack the things from a four-bedroom house than a one-bedroom apartment. This is where hiring movers has a definite advantage. The supplies you need are included into the overall price movers will charge you.


Moving can be a very expensive thing, in terms of the time it takes up. Generally speaking, packing up your place will of course vary with the size of it, the amount of belongings you have and the number of people involved in doing it. Sure, enlisting the help of some friends to help you move will most likely just cost you a couple of beers and some pizza. But is it worth the hassle you have to go through? Hiring professional movers ensures you that you get people that know what they’re doing. They have the necessary experience required in order to make your move go as quickly and seamlessly as possible. They’re experts at packing your stuff fast and in a secure manner, as they’ve done it hundreds of times, which will lead to less possible damage to your belongings over the process of moving.