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Three essential tips on how to pack clothes for moving day

June 19, 2018

Moving day is just around the corner and you now have to pack clothes, to get them ready to be relocated. It’s boring work. And because it’s boring work, people sometimes make mistakes that end up costing them their clothes.

Fortunately, Empire Movers is here to help you learn how to pack clothes. With a little organization and the right techniques, you can make sure that your clothes will be transported safe and sound to your new home. If you plan on moving any time soon, then you might find these tips very helpful.

Start packing off-season clothing well in advance

If you know you’re going to move and you also know that you’re not going to use certain clothes any time soon, start organizing them and packing them in advance. Place them in boxes and label the boxes, to know what’s where. This is very important, as you probably won’t unpack these items right away. They might remain inside those boxes for several months.

And if you’ll be storing them for more than just a couple of months, make sure you protect them against moisture or pests.

Organization is key when planning to pack clothes

You might be tempted to just pick up all your clothes and stuff them into moving bags. Don’t do it. You may think that this is the fast and easy way, but it is actually the wrong and expensive way.

Before packing, take some time to look over your wardrobe. Do you really need all your clothes? You might need some, but not all of them. So why not get rid of some of them?

Donate or sell the clothes that you don’t need anymore, or the ones that are in poor condition. This way, you won’t have to spend time folding them and preparing them for the move. And you’ll also save some money, as you won’t have to transport them. You might even make some money, if you manage to sell these clothes.

Once you figure out what clothes you do want to take with you, clean them, dry them, and only afterwards fold or hang them. Don’t pack dirty clothes. You’ll just end up ruining them.

Put aside some clothes for moving week

You can place these in a box labeled “moving week”. You’ll have easy access to them and you’ll be able to use them right away. This tip will come in handy if unpacking takes longer than predicted.

With the moving box, you’ll have clothing you can wear during the first week. You won’t have to worry about anything.