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Upsizing – moving from an apartment to a house

June 1, 2018

If you’re looking into the housing market in Brooklyn, you’re probably being wowed by all the options. In case one of the quaint houses in the area has piqued your interest but you’ve only lived in an apartment until now, here are some of the aspects you should consider, as moving into a house in Brooklyn clearly has its advantages, but also some possible drawbacks.

A house comes with extra space

Starting off with the bright side of things, and probably one of the reasons why you’d be interested in a house instead of an apartment. A house will offer you more space than an apartment generally would. You’ll probably find yourself with too much unassigned space on your hands. This does allow you to dedicate your spare rooms to particular purposes, though.

Maybe you’ve always wanted a room to serve as your home office, or a cosy little library where to cuddle up with a cup of tea and your favourite book – when moving into your new house in Brooklyn you can make those wishes come true. Do keep in mind though that you will be tempted to attempt to fill every single inch available. And you should refrain from doing that, as this will only serve to over-crowd the place and make it harder for you to keep it tidy.


You’re finally free to give your imagination free reign. Gone are the days when strict policies kept you from decorating your place exactly the way you wanted. This is the time to buy all that beautiful art you wanted to hang all over the place but couldn’t. With the extra space you have available, should you want to make your rooms like a page from an Ikea catalogue, that’s now totally possible. So deciding to move into a house in Brooklyn can offer you the possibility of finally making a place feel like your own, personalized and individualized heaven.

Additional chores

We’d love to tell you that making a house your new home in Brooklyn would come with only positives. But it might not be the case. A house will most likely add up some things to your list of chores. Depending on the place you get, you’ll be introduced to the delight of mowing your lawn and keeping it neat and trimmed. The state of your lawn always seems to be a source for eternal gossip between neighbours, so be warned.

Furthermore, conditional to the state of your new house, how old it is and how well it has been kept. You should be ready to do some DYI work. Things will break down sooner or later and you’ll end up discovering your skillset is wider than you would’ve thought. Especially when in need. Of course, you could always hire professionals for your various needs. And you might end up being forced to for some particular tasks.