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Moving while Working from Home: Tips for a Successful Transition.

July 16, 2020

These past few months have been challenging, forcing people to start working from home – many for the very first time. But what happens when in the midst of all that, you have to move house – and implicitly your office.

Moving when you work from home comes with its own set of challenges, as you are not only moving your house, but also your working space as well. 

So ask yourself: how would the process look if your company was relocating their office?  

Contingency plans, communicating effectively with your team, labelling and tagging your office move plan are some of the things that an experience moving company will advise you to do for a successful office move

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Moving when working from home

Contingency plans

A malfunctioning internet service or an out-of-service elevator are just two examples of unexpected mishaps that can interrupt an office move. Likewise, those things can happen when you move your home office.

Consider setting up your internet connection in advance, even if you end up paying for an extra couple of weeks before you need it and make sure you have a plan for moving heavy office equipment, if any. When choosing a local moving company in NYC, choose one with experience in moving office spaces as well. It will be a major advantage, as they will be able to advise you about moving your home office setup – for example, account for fixtures and equipment that isn’t visible at a first glance. 

We would also advise you to consider a phased approach – meaning, move your desk and equipment first and setup your home office space first in your new place. That way, while the moving team is unloading all your belongings, it will give you peace of mind that your home office is set up in case of an emergency.


Working from home isn’t that much different in terms of how you communicate with your colleagues. Make sure you let them know in advance of your availability on moving day, but also, talk to your moving crew about any fragile items that might need special care or priority installation in the new space.

Making a plan in advance will help the team label and tag all your items with ease and ensure no misunderstandings are created.

Moving your home office is no different than when moving out of a commercial building. It comes down to minimizing downtime. 

You can also use this opportunity to clear out items you don’t need and decide whether anything needs renewing.  Got cartridges of ink that you want to recycle? Take them back or get them refilled as soon as you can – then pack them away. It’s one less job to deal with after your move – and it will save you money as well.

You’ll also need to consider how you’ll fulfil your duties whilst working from home – will you be able to work on your laptop? Do you have any upcoming calls that need privacy? Are you able to take days off for the move or will you be working whilst closing down one house and settling into a new one?

You’ll also have to consider shipping issues – if you collect items regularly, you’ll need to make arrangements for them – if you’ve got stock that’s regularly sent to you, what will happen in the ‘grey’ area between your old house and new house, if there is one? Consider using a temporary storage facility to avoid stock mix-ups.

Moving your home office can be a little frustrating, and tiring, but well worth it in the long run. That living room corner you claimed in a rush when you started working from home a couple months ago could become a well-planned nook in your new house, with a little imagination, or even an entire room designated as a home office.

If you’re looking for help with settling into a new home from a full service moving company in NYC, feel free to contact us.