moving boxes moving tools

The perfect moving tools to move large items

June 21, 2018

Have you ever tried to move large and heavy items by yourself? Of course you have. Most people try to do it, only to get hurt in the process. Lifting […]

moving to new york

What you should know before moving to New York

June 21, 2018

Are you thinking about moving to New York? If you are, then you need to read this article. The Big Apple is not like other cities. It’s a whole other […]

store a mattress climate controlled storage units

How important is a climate controlled storage unit for your furniture

June 20, 2018

Our customers often ask us if they really need climate controlled storage for their furniture. That’s because many people feel that, like most objects, furniture will be just fine no […]

move large items

How to move large items the right way

June 20, 2018

Moving large items isn’t for everyone. Not just because it usually takes several people to move such items, but also because the risk of injury is quite high. As is […]

pack clothes

Three essential tips on how to pack clothes for moving day

June 19, 2018

Moving day is just around the corner and you now have to pack clothes, to get them ready to be relocated. It’s boring work. And because it’s boring work, people […]

store clothes

How to store clothes

June 19, 2018

If you’re looking to store clothes, you should know that it’s no rocket science. But, although it’s pretty straightforward, it’s also really easy to make a mistake that can ruin […]


7 Clothes Packing Hacks you need to know

June 15, 2018

They may not weigh as much as a piano, but clothes often make the most numerous items in a move. If you don’t pack them the right way, they can […]

moving to new york Empire New York City Movers truck

Moving to New York for a job – How to do it the right way

June 15, 2018

Are you looking for a new job? Are you thinking about moving to New York in order to get it? The Big Apple can be a great choice. And it […]

packing tips

Nine Packing Tips You Absolutely Must Know

June 14, 2018

So you’ve hired a mover and are getting ready to move to a new location. With moving day just around the corner, all that is left for you to do […]

moving containers

Moving containers vs. Storage units

June 14, 2018

Sometimes, when moving to a new location, you might find yourself in need of short-term storage. It happens quite often, as many unpredicted things can occur during a move. But, […]