hourly rate vs flat rate transport a pool table

How to transport a pool table

June 8, 2018

Playing pool or snooker is a great way to relax. So it’s no wonder that many people go out and buy pool tables for their very own game rooms. However, […]

pack wine glasses Packing dishes and glassware

The best way to pack wine glasses

June 7, 2018

When moving, there’s nothing harder than having to pack wine glasses or other such items. These tricky items can cause you a lot of headaches and can cost you a […]

move large items

Downsizing – tips for when you make the move from a house to an apartment

June 5, 2018

Deciding to move from your comfortable, sprawled-out house to a cosy apartment can have its own challenges. People that are looking to move to New York often find themselves faced […]

quality movers moving

Moving – Should you do it yourself or leave it to the professionals?

June 4, 2018

When deciding on whether you should take on the challenge of moving by yourself or hiring movers, there are a few things you should keep in mind. As you will […]

student moving New York moving away

What to gift someone who’s moving away

May 23, 2018

We’ve all been in the position of a friend moving away. In these types of situations, most of us have found ourselves wondering what would be an appropriate gift. The […]


What to take into account before deciding to move away from friends

May 23, 2018

Statistically speaking, during your lifetime you are likely to move every five years. This move can be because you want more space, lowered expenses, a better neighbourhood for your kids, […]


Moving away from family

May 21, 2018

Living in quaint, old school small town isn’t for everyone. If you’ve considered moving to New York, you might find yourself in the position of leaving behind your friends and […]


Essential storage tips that will help you out on the long term

May 3, 2018

There are many differences between long term and short term storage. And it’s important to know them if you plan to store your belongings for a long period of time. […]

Moving to Astoria? 5 Reasons to Choose Local Astoria Movers!

July 17, 2012

Moving around NYC soon and considering hiring local movers in Astoria, Queens? Then, this blog post is for you. If your moving date is already set, then you might have […]

Plan to locally relocate your family?

January 14, 2011

You might think that in general long distance moving is a more complicated task than a local move. But often, when you move locally (in New York City, New York […]