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What you shouldn’t pack when moving to New York

April 29, 2018

Are you thinking about moving to New York? If so, is the idea of packing your belongings and relocating them giving you headaches. Don’t worry. It’s normal. At Empire Movers […]

Staying Positive: 4 Tips For Moving Out After Divorce Or Breakup

May 16, 2013

For those who experience a bitter breakup or unpleasant divorce with a long time partner, the problem of moving out can be a difficult situation to handle. This life moment […]

#3 Empire Moving Tip of the Day

October 6, 2011

Start packing early. In most cases, there is more stuff to transport than it was initially estimated. ________________________________________________________________________________

One-bedrooms and studio struggle in Manhattan

October 15, 2010

According to the Wall Street Journal, studios and one-bedrooms in Manhattan, are struggling in the current market. First-time homebuyers are harder to come by with consumer confidence down, experts say, […]