Bubble Wrap: 10 Reasons Why We Love It!

December 21, 2011

Invented in 1957, bubble wrap is not only one of the most POPular packaging material. Admit it, when you see a piece of this material, you instantly think “pop it, […]

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Packing Fragile Items: Glassware and Dishes

February 18, 2011

Let’s talk about moving your breakables. While this task may seem at first simple, you must follow some simple rules in order to avoid crushing your fragile items. Boxes built […]

Packing yourself? What not to pack

January 24, 2011

You must know that moving companies will not move any type of items. There are certain objects or chemicals that are not proper for moving even in short distances. If […]

Packing Materials for your Kitchen

June 16, 2010

Preparing for the move? Since the kitchen usually contains the most items, and sometimes the hardest to pack, it’s a good place to start. When packing your kitchen it is […]