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10 Tips for a Successful Long Distance Move Shared by Empire Movers

Whether you are going to be moving your residence or business across the state or across the country, you need to have the right moving system to prevent common headaches associated with long distance moves. What can possibly go wrong? Well, everything, actually. From lost items to broken items to frayed nerves to simple frustration, you can minimize or prevent these just by following the ten simple tips below.

Make a master inventory sheet that tracks all other inventory sheets

When you are packing stuff to move, make sure you put an inventory sheet that lists all the items a moving box contains. This allows you to check if anything is missing once you unpack a box. You should also keep a master inventory sheet that compiles all other tracking sheets. More importantly, this master sheet tracks which sheet is assigned to which box. Your master inventory sheet prevents items from being lost and makes taking inventory after unpacking so much easier.

Label everything

This might seem like a common sense tip, but you’d be surprised at what you can forget if you are in a rush to move. If you are facing deadlines, it is easy to give in to temptation and cut corners.Labeling everything is definitely much better than keeping track of things by sight.

Use printed and standardized labels

Don’t just use a marker on strips of duct tape when labeling your boxes and items. Create a standardized form on your computer and print it out. Why standardize? All items’ labels will be legible and there is almost zero chance of label confusion-at least when it comes to the lettering on the labels.

Organize boxes based on room clusters

Organize your boxes in such a way that you can unload them to form room clusters. This means groups of boxes are allotted to certain rooms or spaces in the place you’re moving to. Use this simple technique to avoid having to hunt down boxes for a specific room. This organizational tip ensures that all items for a room are kept together, albeit in separate boxes, for easier unpacking later on To make sure nothing breaks, be sure to put the boxes with fragile items at the top of the cluster of boxes for a particular room.

Unpack based on room clusters

This is a key tip many newbie movers totally miss. If you want to make unpacking a breeze, make sure you get a clear idea of the space you are moving into and plan out which boxes’ contents will be unpacked for which space. This way, you aren’t constantly taking stuff from one box and mixing it with stuff from other boxes to place in one space.

Separate fragile items

Separate glass and other fragile items from the rest of your stuff. Make sure you put these boxes at the top of the pile. Disassemble fragile items with moving pieces and individually wrap them in crumpled newspapers or other padding.

Label fragile items clearly

Your standardized labels should indicate clearly if a box contains fragile items.

Invest in the right packing materials

Don’t hesitate to pay a little bit extra for packing peanuts or other packing materials. This little investment will go a long way since packing and protective materials keep your belongings intact. Also, whatever little amount you pay is definitely outweighed by the peace of mind you get.

Give yourself time to pack

As the old saying goes, when you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. When you don’t give yourself the right amount of time to pack, you might be forced to cut corners or, worse, you forget items outright. Many things can go wrong when you are rushed. Give yourself enough lead time and do some packing every day leading up to your move. This way, you aren’t rushing around at the last minute.

Give yourself time to unpack

Once you have moved all your times to their final destination, give yourself some time to unpack. Just as it is a bad idea to rush packing, it is also a bad idea to rush unpacking. Fragile items can break and stuff can get misplaced. Pace yourself.

Use the tips above to help make your long distance move a sane and safe one. With a little planning and a systematic approach to the moving process, your long distance move will be successful. If you need a proven long distance moving service provider, try Empire Movers. Empire Movers has several years of experience successfully moving happy clients over long and short distances. Contact them today and see the difference experience and a commitment to excellence can make.

10 Tips for a Successful Long Distance Move Shared by Empire Movers

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