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International Moving

In the course of a lifetime you will find yourself moving home quite a number of times. This can happen for a variety of reasons, whether you’re a student starting your studies abroad, a professional who’s changing workplaces or simply being relocated to a different wing of the same business, or maybe you’re taking your family with you to start over in a new place. Often, this move can happen across borders, which makes it significantly more difficult to manage and handle appropriately.
When you’re moving to a different country, there’s just so many things to take into account and take care of so that your move can be a successful one. There’s a lot of paperwork to be done, new accommodations to be found, maybe new schools or jobs for other members of your family, bank accounts, insurances, and so on and so forth. We’re getting a headache just thinking about it! Plus, on top of all that, you still have the actual move to handle. Packing and organizing all your belongings, cleaning the place behind you, arranging transport for both you and all your things – it can all be a real hassle to deal with.
While we can’t help you find a new kindergarten for your children or a new favourite café shop for your lunch breaks, we can most certainly help you with your move abroad. By hiring our team of expert international movers, you will free up valuable time that will be desperately needed to deal with other, more pressing issues.
The members of our team are all diligently hand-picked and trained so that you can be certain that you will only receive high-quality service whenever you’re dealing with us. Our professional movers will guarantee you will be 100% happy with the experience of working with us, as client satisfaction is what we value most.

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  • Empire Movers cares about the environment, and After each successful project, we will plant a tree in your name, somewhere in the world;
  • You will receive a certificate at your domicile that the tree has been planted.

What our customers say

Kevin Kupar
Kevin Kupar
12:51 15 Feb 24
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Empire Movers to anyone in need of a reliable... moving more
milli hug
milli hug
11:31 15 Feb 24
Empire Movers made my relocation feel effortless and efficient.
21:29 13 Feb 24
Empire Movers arrived on time and completed my move quickly and efficiently.
Robin Kevin
Robin Kevin
17:18 13 Feb 24
The team at Empire Movers packed my belongings efficiently and securely, making... the moving process much more
Elisha Morgan
Elisha Morgan
21:30 12 Feb 24
Empire Movers kept me informed throughout the entire moving process, which was... greatly more
Asia Henderson
Asia Henderson
19:49 16 Nov 23
Vlad, Charlie, Alex, Tudor, Florin and the rest of their team did an incredible... job with our move! It was a very large office move and they handled every obstacle with patience and grace. They were also very flexible and adhered to our schedule as needed. I would highly recommend them for your move, big or small. Thank you!read more
Denise Stark
Denise Stark
15:53 05 Apr 23
Empire movers did an excellent job. They moved everything out in two hours,... wrapped everything up and we’re extremely polite. I would hire them in a second make sure you hire them you’ll be really more
l cioffi
l cioffi
15:34 27 Feb 23
We loved empire movers! They packed and moved our entire office in less than an... hour and half! Everything was packed with care and they were extremely accommodating to anything extra we needed to add. Thank you to Giorgi and his team!read more
Hayden Foster
Hayden Foster
04:23 18 Dec 22
I was so happy I chose Empire Movers and Storage Corp to handle my move. The... movers were on-time, professional, and polite...they had all the right equipment to get the job done quickly. I am also pleased with how they handled my furniture and personal effects ,nothing was damaged. I'm not sure what they do all day while working but it sure is magical!read more
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How will my move be billed?

Choose between hourly billing or get a fixed guaranteed rate for your move using the calculator above.

How do I choose a mover?

You’ll want an experienced, reliable, and professional team of movers on your side. Our 15+ years of experience guarantee you get all that and more.

What extra services can I get?

In addition to your move, we offer TV and internet installation, storage facilities, cleaning services, and more to make your move seamless. 

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As you can see, hiring our team of expert international movers can reduce the time and effort a move abroad will cost you significantly. So please don’t hesitate to contact us for your personalized quote!

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If you are wondering how we can help you with your international moving, here are just a couple of things that we can do for you:


As soon as you contact us you will be assigned a personal, dedicated moving coordinator who will help you efficiently and successfully plan your move, so that everything will go as smooth as possible. Your moving coordinator will help you schedule any pick-up and delivery times, as well as accommodate any changes you may wish to make regarding the time and date of pick-up/delivery or the volume of possessions you need to move.


We can provide you with the appropriate packing materials that will ensure that all your possessions will make the trip abroad in pristine condition. You can, of course, do all the packing yourself, but we highly recommend you let our professionals do it, especially for any sensitive items, furniture, and so on. That way we can guarantee you that nothing will go amiss during the transportation.

Transport and delivery

With an international move, this becomes a tad tricky. There’s always the issue of customs clearance to take in mind, plus any additional inspections, quarantine, duties/taxes, etc. Our team will be on hand to guide you through this entire process and make certain that your belongings get to your new home as soon as possible. Furthermore, you can rest assured that your belongings will be handled and transported with the utmost of care for their integrity and safety.


With an activity just as fun as packing, this is also something our professionals can help you with. Our team can make certain all your furniture is unpacked and assembled into the correct rooms and we can even provide you with cleaning services prior to arrival to make certain that your new home is ready to welcome you. Plus, if you require any other installation services, lighting, IT, etc. – we’ve got you covered all around.

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