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When it comes to the most sought-after locations in Manhattan, NYC, Chelsea is definitely on the top of the list. Did you know that the district was added to the National Register of Historic Places in the late 70’s? No wonder this location is so popular, as it contains various flourishing neighborhoods and attractions. If you’re planning a Chelsea move, you will certainly find everything you need around here, whether you are moving with your family, alone, or for professional reasons, wonders and mesmerizing skyline, it has become the most famous one. Of course, the Big Apple offers a lot of things to see, but many believe, and rightfully so, that Manhattan is the heart of everything, the true symbol of the city and even the whole USA.

Chelsea is predominantly residential, containing various apartment blocks, city housing projects, as well as townhouses and a mix of tenements. The Chelsea movers are proud to say that they have years of experience in this district, helping several clients in the moving process. The area is home to many retail businesses and ethnic groups, hence it has become one of the most popular moving destinations.

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Our professional team of Chelsea local movers is ready to provide you with a stress-free moving experience, regardless of which area in Chelsea you are planning on moving to. The team is fully qualified and has handled numerous movings, whether they were residential, commercial, local movings or transporting such valuable assets as a piano or any other piece of art.

You may ask, why Empire Movers is the best moving company in Chelsea. There are many reasons for this. To list a few, you should know that:

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Although we have an impressive fleet and high-quality equipment, it’s our movers we value the most. Ensuring that your belongings are safe and sound at the arrival and, moreover, handling your objects as if they were ours, is our core value. We are well aware of the fact that one small misstep can ruin something either expensive or of sentimental value, therefore we leave no room for mistakes.

Choose Empire Movers, the premier NY moving expert with 16 years of experience. We’re fully licensed and insured, ensuring careful and secure handling of your belongings













Chelsea Moving Services Offered by Us

Planning a Chelsea move may sound like an easy job at first, but once you start organizing, labeling and packing your belongings, you can easily find yourself in a stressful situation. Considering that these are just the first steps, and the harder part comes after all these, it would be useful to contact a professional moving company in Chelsea for help.

As a first step, the team at Empire Movers will get in touch with you and talk about your destination. Communication, as we have mentioned before, is very important, as it is the basis of a successful moving process. Knowing the needs of our clients is what helped us become a successful and trusted moving company.

The next step is helping you pack your valuable assets, whether it’s a piece of furniture, a piano, an antique clock, or just everyday items that need to be packed and labeled professionally. Of course, the organized team will continuously communicate with you in order to assure an amazing experience.

Last but not least, the Chelsea movers will transport your belongings to the new destination so that you can start your new life in an amazing district!

Chelsea Moving Manpower

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Chelsea Moving Equipment

Apart from having a professional team, the proper manpower, and a fair price, the moving equipment is also important, regardless of the type of moving you are looking forward to. In order to work with the best movers in Chelsea, you have to take into consideration the tools that they are working with as well.

You surely want your piano, furniture, fine art, or any other valuable asset to be packed carefully, loaded safely, and transported without any problem. In order to achieve all these, be sure that you contact the Empire Movers team and ask about all the tools they have, and all the equipment that they offer for a successful moving process.

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