Flushing Movers NYC

Flushing Movers NYC

Out of all the beautiful moving destinations of Queens, NYC, Flushing seems to be on the top of the list for many who are really considering the possibility of a relocation. A large part of the neighborhood is residential, while Downtown Flushing, centered on the northern end of Main Street in Queens, is a large commercial and retail area. It is also among the biggest business districts in the Big Apple.

Flushing is also considered one of the more diverse neighborhoods of New York City, as many ethnic groups live here, including people of African-American, European, Hispanic, and also Asian ancestry. The popularity of the neighborhood hasn’t gone unnoticed over the years, and for example, the New York Post named it the most dynamic neighborhood of the city.

Whether you want to move here because you’ve found your dream home or you are planning on starting your new business here, you need the help of professional Flushing movers who will take care of everything that is part of moving. We at Empire Movers know exactly what is needed to do a great job, work in a fast and efficient way, and satisfy all your needs.

Flushing Movers – Location Specific Description

What makes Flushing such a sought-after area? Many want to live here due to sports, mainly because it gives home to Citi Field, the baseball park of the Mets, and also the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, which hosts the US Open Tennis Championship during summer. Popular attractions here also include the amazing Flushing Meadows Corona Park and the one-of-a-kind Unisphere. It’s also worth exploring the multitude of fine restaurants, shops, and boutiques of the area.

As far as real estate goes, Flushing is also among the popular destinations in the borough. The most favored sub-neighborhoods of Flushing, namely Queensboro Hill, Auburndale and East Flushing, are NYC’s No. 1 seller’s market for 2018, according to a report by StreetEasy. Regardless of where you want to move to and why you decided to relocate, our staff of fully prepared Flushing local movers are here to make everything a lot easier and simpler.

Experts in the Flushing Moving Services

What makes us the best moving company in Flushing, NYC? Our dedication, efficiency, speed, and preparedness is unparalleled, both during a residential and commercial move. As this neighborhood is a large business and retail hub, many clients request a commercial moving service. If you plan on relocating your business to this fine area, you definitely need the expertise of Flushing movers.

Our team is composed of highly trained, properly equipped, and motivated workers who consider keeping all your belongings safe and protected a top priority. The way we handle your assets is characterized by precision and the utmost care; we move your things as if they were our own. Many moving companies in Flushing often use a manpower that is not fully qualified to handle  sensitive data processing equipment. This is not the case with us, as our talented corporate movers can and will handle computers, laptops, workstations, and even phone systems the proper way, eliminating the slightest chance of damage.

As Flushing local movers who are masters of residential movers as well, we base our work on a thorough plan that deals with all the major steps of the relocation, and also on communication. We inform you of every single thing that happens. We are also able to tailor our services to match all your needs. If you need us to label, organize everything you have, you can count on us 100%.

Flushing Moving Services Offered by Us

A lot of moving companies in Flushing do not have a thorough list of services, so it falls on the client to ask if the desired service is available. This method is entirely inefficient and wastes a lot of time. That is why we prepared a list of services that can also be personalized to your needs. Thanks to this, the option of not helping you with any type of relocation is out of the question.

  • residential moving services: as true professional, we are more than happy to help you relocate  to your new home.
  • commercial moving services: if you open shop or business at a new place, give us a call and let us do the hard work.
  • piano moving services: one thing’s for sure, we have the skills, manpower, and tools to  properly handle even the most unique piano.
  • local moving services: if you move to another place in the same neighborhood, you need the knowledge of our team of Flushing local movers.
  • long distance moving services: when you move hundreds of miles away, our experience will sure come in handy.
  • furniture moving services: with the modern equipment we have, moving several pieces of  furniture is easy and problem-free.
  • fine art moving services: safety, protection, and extra care is always guaranteed during this type of job.
  • antique moving services: you can be 100% sure that your treasured items will reach their destinations unharmed.
  • full packing services: our experts always provide the right solutions for packaging options to guarantee a transport and delivery without any issues.
  • storage services: we also provide a safe and convenient storage solution for your treasured belongings.
  • crating services: our team of skilled workers can offer a custom crate for your items that need that special care.

Flushing Moving Process

During every single project we create a plan that we follow from A to Z, which allows us to eliminate delays, become as efficient and as fast as possible, while also ensuring the maximum safety of your possessions. Our plan is based on 4 important steps.

Step 1: Pre-move planning

Our Flushing movers are supervised and guided by a seasoned project manager, who will also work with you to guarantee a successful pre-move prep. He or she is also responsible with organizing pre-move staff meetings and construction planning meetings to brief everybody and clarify all the details.

Step 2: Tagging

The project manager assigned to oversee the relocation will also develop a precise numbering & placement scheme for both the origin & destination side of the move. Before the actual move, the skilled local movers will label and tag all your possessions on the origin side and hang destination placards on the destination side, which is quintessential in making sure that all your things will get placed where you want them to.

Step 3: Move prep

Right before the relocation our staff will prep all your belongings. To maximize safety, we coat your furniture and use the right protectors for other items as well to eliminate even the most minimal chance of damage or harm.

Step 4: Main move

When the time of the actual relocation comes, we will be fully ready. To make sure that everything runs smoothly and according to the plan, the project manager and a foreman will be present. Thanks to all of this, a satisfactory move is more than guaranteed.

Flushing Moving Manpower

Whether you request a residential, commercial, long distance or local moving service, we will be up for the task with the proper manpower. Our Flushing local movers can easily help you when you want to relocate to a one- or two-bedroom apartment and you don’t have a lot of things. You can also count on our skills when you have all sorts of assets and you want them transported to your newest, bigger house.

If it comes to delivering all the possessions of your business to a new commercial place, we have the right manpower to do a perfect job. With the right tools, extra care from our movers, and spacious trucks that are in splendid working condition, there isn’t a thing we can’t deliver safely to the new building.

Flushing Moving Equipment

It’s not luck that during all these years we delivered every single object to the right place on time, without any problems or damages. Apart from a team of experienced local movers, we also boast with a state-of-the-art set of tools that help us a great deal. With them, efficiency, optimum speed and the thorough protection of your possessions is totally ensured.

There are a large variety of tools we use. Almost all the time we utilize moving blankets, pads, dollies, and even hand trucks. There are also occasions where quilted covers and moving straps are needed. Regardless of the job we’ve been tasked with, we always come prepared and are ready to do a stellar job.