Moving FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find useful answers to frequently asked questions about NYC moving, packing, insurance & more. If you need further assistance with your New York move or your moving related question is not answered below, please contact Empire Movers® at 212-365-8367.

Q How much does it cost to move?

A The ultimate price depends on several aspects. In order to give you a correct estimate with no hidden fees, we will take into account: the specific services you request us to provide, the amount of items needed to be moved, whether you will need boxes for packing, the distance involved.

Q How soon should I book my move?

A Make a reservation as soon as possible. At Empire Movers, we can handle last minute jobs, but keep in mind, there are busy periods during the year. Ideally, you should book a moving company with at least 1 month prior the moving day. That way, you will have enough time to do some research and find the movers that suits you best.

Q Can I change my moving date or cancel?

A Simply, YES! As long as we have other dates available, you can reschedule it, but it must be with 48 hours before moving day. All cancelations are free, if you provide more than 48 hours written notice prior to the moving day.

Q Do you have Certificate of insurance? How much does it cost?

A Yes. Our insurance certificate includes workers’ compensation insurance. Empire Movers carries in excess of $5,000,000 coverage, above average. All our certificates are free of charge.

Q Will the movers wrap the furniture for free?

A Yes, this service is provided by Empire Movers free of charge.

Q Where can I buy moving boxes in New York City?

A Empire Movers® NYC offers a wide range of moving & packing supplies and storage boxes. Check this page for moving boxes prices and detailed description:

Q Am I supposed to tip the movers?

A Tipping is optional, but if you consider that our team have done a great job, your tip will be highly appreciated. The customary tip for the movers is between 15- 20% from total job.

Q What kind of payment methods do you accept?

A Available methods of payment are cash, credit card, money order, Certified check.