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Every time you book with us, we are planting a tree on your name and will send you a certificate

Growing a sustainable future
  • Empire Movers cares about the environment, and After each successful project, we will plant a tree in your name, somewhere in the world;
  • You will receive a certificate at your domicile that the tree has been planted.

What our customers say

Kevin Kupar
Kevin Kupar
12:51 15 Feb 24
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Empire Movers to anyone in need of a reliable... moving more
milli hug
milli hug
11:31 15 Feb 24
Empire Movers made my relocation feel effortless and efficient.
21:29 13 Feb 24
Empire Movers arrived on time and completed my move quickly and efficiently.
Robin Kevin
Robin Kevin
17:18 13 Feb 24
The team at Empire Movers packed my belongings efficiently and securely, making... the moving process much more
Elisha Morgan
Elisha Morgan
21:30 12 Feb 24
Empire Movers kept me informed throughout the entire moving process, which was... greatly more
Asia Henderson
Asia Henderson
19:49 16 Nov 23
Vlad, Charlie, Alex, Tudor, Florin and the rest of their team did an incredible... job with our move! It was a very large office move and they handled every obstacle with patience and grace. They were also very flexible and adhered to our schedule as needed. I would highly recommend them for your move, big or small. Thank you!read more
Denise Stark
Denise Stark
15:53 05 Apr 23
Empire movers did an excellent job. They moved everything out in two hours,... wrapped everything up and we’re extremely polite. I would hire them in a second make sure you hire them you’ll be really more
l cioffi
l cioffi
15:34 27 Feb 23
We loved empire movers! They packed and moved our entire office in less than an... hour and half! Everything was packed with care and they were extremely accommodating to anything extra we needed to add. Thank you to Giorgi and his team!read more
Hayden Foster
Hayden Foster
04:23 18 Dec 22
I was so happy I chose Empire Movers and Storage Corp to handle my move. The... movers were on-time, professional, and polite...they had all the right equipment to get the job done quickly. I am also pleased with how they handled my furniture and personal effects ,nothing was damaged. I'm not sure what they do all day while working but it sure is magical!read more
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How will my move be billed?

Choose between hourly billing or get a fixed guaranteed rate for your move using the calculator above.

How do I choose a mover?

You’ll want an experienced, reliable, and professional team of movers on your side. Our 15+ years of experience guarantee you get all that and more.

What extra services can I get?

In addition to your move, we offer TV and internet installation, storage facilities, cleaning services, and more to make your move seamless. 

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Long Distance Movers NYC | Empire Movers and Storage

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Why Choose Us | Long Distance Movers NYC

We are a fully licensed and insured moving company

We are family

We have a team of experienced professionals

We offer a wide range of

We have a wide network of moving and storage facilities

We offer real-time tracking of your shipment

We offer a free

We are committed to customer satisfaction

We have tons of satisfied customers

What's Included | New York Long Distance Moving Companies

What’s included in our long distance moving services?
More long distance moving services available to you:

Your NYC Moving Cost | New York Moving Company

A Simple, Four-Step Process for Handling Your Move

Pre-move Planning

Your project manager will meet with you to discuss your unique needs and requirements. Based on the information gathered during pre-move planning, we will provide you with a detailed estimate of the costs involved in your move.

Moving Day

Your project manager will meet with you to discuss your unique needs and requirements. Based on the information gathered during pre-move planning, we will provide you with a detailed estimate of the costs involved in your move.

Final Delivery

Once we arrive at the final destination, our team will carefully unload your belongings and place them in the designated areas. We use a tagging system to ensure that all of your items are accounted for and delivered to the correct location.

In Transit

Our team will get your items on the road as quickly as possible, keeping you updated on the status of your shipment throughout the journey. Your delivery window will depend upon your choice of consolidated or express shipment.

Flat Fee Moving Services | New York Flat Rate Movers

Benefits of Flat Rate Pricing

Because More Than Just Your Peace Of Mind Is At Stake...

We take extra good care of your:

Flat Screen TVs &

Flat screens and monitors are double wrapped if necessary and boxed.

Computers &

Each computer or laptop is secured in a cardboard box with extra protection.

Picture Frames &

Boxes of dishes and glassware will be wrapped in padding and marked with “Fragile” labels.

Furniture & &

Small pieces of furniture will be disassembled and wrapped in padded blankets. Large furniture will be shrink-wrapped or quilt-padded.

Fragile Glassware
$ Dishes

Boxes of dishes and glassware will be wrapped in padding and marked with “Fragile” labels.

Sculptures &

Each piece will be bubble-wrapped and either boxed or crated, depending on its specific needs.

Pianos &

We have the experience and equipment to move your heavy items safely. We can also quilt-pad and shrink-wrap them for extra protection.

Lamps & Light

Lamps and lights will have the shades removed before being packed in special lamp boxes.

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Communication is key

Hassle-free delivery

Safe and secure storage

  • 24/7 surveillance;
  • Climate controlled units;
  • Flexible storage terms.

Packing services

The Final Word | New York Moving Companies

Looking to learn more about long distance moving? Contact us now!

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Frequently Asked Questions | Long Distance Moving Companies

Empire Movers & Storage is one of the premier long distance moving companies based in New York City, NY. We’ve been doing this for over 15 years, and our experience allows us to help you deal with any moving issue that might come up.
While it might seem like the most cost-efficient option for long distance moving would be to move by yourself, and hire a moving truck, that’s not always the case. What if you break some of the items you’re trying to move while transporting them to the truck? Are you ready to drive for hours or maybe even days to reach your destination? While it might not seem as such, moving with professional movers is your best bet for not only avoiding extra costs, such as those incurred by damaged items, and keeping your move on schedule.
Depending on where you’re moving to, the delivery window can be as little as two days or as long as two weeks. It all depends on how many items you have to move and how far away your new home is.
Most long distance moving companies also offer packing and unpacking services, extra pickups or deliveries, managing bulk or specialty items, transportation services and insurance.
You can hire professional movers to take care of everything related to your move. As they say, if you leave it to the professionals, no issue is too big. Alternatively, if you can’t afford a moving company or prefer to do it on your own, know that everything is easier if you’ve got friends to help you out.
First of all, you should set aside enough time to pack your belongings. This is one of the most important issues that a lot of people ignore before a long-distance move. Secondly, try to lighten your load. This means getting rid of unwanted items, either by donating or throwing them away. Lastly, ensure the company you’re working with has moving insurance.

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