Long Island

Long Island Moving Overview

Long Island is one of the most preferred destinations in the U.S., with its beautiful neighborhoods and amazing places that have much to offer. Whether you choose to move to an area with spectacular beaches, such as Montauk or Long Beach, or want to see what’s life like in The Hamptons, the first and most important step for you is finding the right company that can guide you through the stressful process of moving.

Is your future home in a place full of historical attractions, such as Huntington? Are you planning on moving to a quiet village like Northport, with its antique shops, cozy restaurants and its famous Main Street? Or do you prefer to live near the most famous landmarks or the closest airports? Since Long Island is a hub of commercial aviation, at Empire Movers, the specialized team is familiar with all the usual landmarks, counting the major airports: LaGuardia, JFK International, as well Islip MacArthur Airport. Also, if you need assistance in moving near Jones Beach State Park, or want to live in close proximity to your favorite spots, the experienced team’s goal is to offer high-quality moving services in any of these locations, or other areas in Long Island.

Whether you decide to move to Nassau County’s quiet and serene villages or start a new life in one of Suffolk County’s well-known towns, you’ll need professional movers and truck drivers who are familiar with the roads and the regulations that come with them. Long Island features some of the wealthiest neighborhoods near the shorelines, counting numerous beautiful houses with state-of-the-art upgrades. Working-class areas are also widespread in all four counties, with their ancient and compact villages, as well as the bustling and contemporary towns and cities. Regardless of your location, our manpower and equipment was designed to fit your needs.

Experts in Long Island Moving Services

  • Our Long Island moving team works with specialized equipment in order to provide a safe, and in the same time, efficient means of transporting your belongings.
  • Our staff will be there for you to assist you in labeling, organizing or any other aspect that is important for you.
  • We offer top-notch Long Island moving services, regardless of the area you want to move to: special trucks for all your assets when moving from a house to another, and professional packing services even if you’re moving out of a smaller apartment.
  • Communication is key: our team maintains communication with its clients in order for the moving to be efficient, fast, and safe.
  • We provide customized moving services to fit your needs: no moving is too small or too big for our Long Island Movers.

Long Island Moving Services Offered by Us

Whether you live in a historic town with cozy streets, or you’re planning on moving from a busy  and vibrant city to a more picturesque destination near the shorelines, your assets will need professional handling. Our Long Island moving services assure a satisfying moving experience in each case, and we have special teams of trained office movers as well when it comes to relocating your commercial or residential assets.

Long Island Moving Process

In order to successfully move your belongings from one destination to another, there is need for a complex operation. The first and most important step is to identify the customer’s needs via professional communication, then providing satisfactory resolutions from the viewpoint of economy and quality. For this, you will need a trained team with the necessary resources and manpower. Our Long Island Movers offer a flawless coordination, state-of-the-art equipment, flexibility, and also handling the job according to the pre-established timetable.

Our movers have experience in different types of relocations: packing and transporting valuable belongings from residential homes, smaller apartments, office buildings, fine art venues, or any other area. Due to the wide variety of our moving processes, the team has developed all-inclusive methods with the help of special equipments that fulfill the requirements of the clients.

For our Long Island moving services we want to maintain a fair price for our customers, even though the whole process of the relocation can take long hours or even days. In the same time, every residential, commercial or other move includes a binding price to assure the moving company that everything goes according to the pre-established plan.

Long Island Moving Manpower

We are prepared for all types of relocations. Considering the various neighborhoods of the island, our team is ready to send all the qualified manpower that the moving from a bigger house to another requires. Smaller moves from apartments in certain cities does not require as much manpower as a long distance relocation from a historic village with antique furniture and other valuable assets.

In any case, during the relocation process, highly qualified foremen oversee the operation and assure that the customer’s needs are met. The team is professionally trained and is knowledgeable of both general aspects and the particularities of every job. Good and efficient manpower means that the team has skills, energy, and also optimal speed and adaptability.

Empire Movers Long Island works seven days a week, day or night, in order to meet the clients’ needs and serve them in a manner that is most convenient for them.

Moving Equipment

If you’re looking for the best moving company in Long Island NYC, it is crucial that you are aware of the importance of the moving equipment. A great team that uses the latest equipment is more efficient and can customize the moving needs as the client requests. For instance, if you need a commercial relocation, you will also need a moving service that offers masonite walk-boards for carpet protection, library and panel carts, hand and pallet trucks, dollies, furniture pads, ramps, and other, state-of-the-art accessories that make the relocation process safe.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the perfect moving equipment, customized to the type of home they are moving from, the neighborhood and its characteristics, and the size and type of the furniture and other belongings.