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About Rockland County

Rockland County’s numerous villages and quaint, picturesque lifestyle has attracted many people who are no longer in tune with the bustling city life of New York City proper. Those who want to live in towns can easily find the apartment of their dreams, while those who prefer the village life can pick a lovely house in one of the villages in the county. Many come here because about one-third of it is parkland and it ranks 9th on the list of highest-income counties by median household income in the U.S., while the place is also great for businesses.

Regardless of the destination, if it comes to moving, you need Rockland County movers that are experienced, can help you in as many ways as possible with the relocation, work fast and efficiently at a great price, and also consider safety to be quintessential during the whole process. That is why you need the services of Empire Movers, the best moving company in Rockland County, NY.

Those who want to start a business here will quickly find everything they need in Suffern, as it was named the best place to start a new business in New York. Why is that? One of the main reasons is that it borders New Jersey and is roughly half an hour away from Manhattan. Plus, it has a population with consumer purchasing power and also it has support services for businesses. Not only big businesses strive in Suffern, but small ones as well. Close to 1300 companies here generate more than $8 million on a yearly basis.


Many move to Rockland County because it incorporates both an urban and rural atmosphere perfectly. Even the most renowned towns like Clarkstown, Haverstraw and Orangetown have their natural beauties, mixed with the many characteristics of a city. People can easily find the house of their dreams here, not to mention the fact that it’s easy to commute to New York City and New Jersey.

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Rockland County Moving Services Offered by Us

If you have decided where you want to start a new life, do not hesitate to contact us. As qualified Rockland County movers who have perfected the craft over the years, we offer a large variety of services that will help you choose exactly the one you need. However, if you need more than one, contact us as soon as possible and we can offer you a mix of services to your liking, at a fair price.

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Our Services

Although we have an impressive fleet and high-quality equipment, it’s our movers we value the most. Ensuring that your belongings are safe and sound at the arrival and, moreover, handling your objects as if they were ours, is our core value. We are well aware of the fact that one small misstep can ruin something either expensive or of sentimental value, therefore we leave no room for mistakes.













Rockland County Moving Services Offered by Us

Our services were designed to satisfy all your needs, regardless if we have to work on a simple, easy project, or a more complex one. Many moving companies in Rockland County have a real hard time doing a great job when it comes to difficult tasks that really require precision, great tools, properly equipped trucks, and also skilled movers. With Empire Movers, you can be sure that we do a splendid job even if things get hard.

What makes us better and more prepared than the competition? Mostly the fact that we don’t leave anything to chance and plan everything with the utmost care and precision. We have highly-trained and experienced project managers who will communicate with you during the pre-move, tagging, and also move preparation phases. This concept of paying a great deal of attention to every single detail is why we, as qualified Rockland County movers, can guarantee a satisfactory move.

Rockland County Moving Manpower

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Rockland County Moving Equipment

We are fast and efficient because we work with proper, modern tools that were made exactly for moving purposes. Our list of equipment include furniture and utility dollies, moving blankets and pads, ropes and straps, packing tapes, stair-stroller and many more.

During the planning phase we make a list of the tools that we are sure to use during moving. That’s why we come fully prepared at all times and know exactly what needs to be done.

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