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5 Movies About Moving to Manhattan You Should Know About

With the holidays coming, there is plenty of time to spend with the family, preparing a great meal, playing with kids or watching an interesting film. For those of you that intend to move after the winter holidays are over or just love Manhattan, we created a selection of movies featuring this beautiful NY district and families/coupes that decide to move to this area. Here are the 5 “Moving to Manhattan” movies chosen by us, in chronological order:


1. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (1961) – He moves in her Manhattan apartment building

Breakfast at Tiffany's Movie PosterHolly Golightly, a young New York socialite (Audrey Hepburn), lives in East Side, Manhattan with her no-name cat. Soon, a young writer, Paul Varjak, moves in her Manhattan apartment building and becomes curious about his cute, interesting neighbor. This romantic comedy is filled with funny, as well as, dramatic moments, but it is the most memorable role of Audrey Hepburn and her image watching the Tiffany’s shop window is an iconic one.

As you can see, moving to Manhattan can bring you the chance to meet new, interesting people and, who knows, maybe it can be your partner for life.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Scenes Movies featuring Manhattan


2. “Green Card” (1990) – What someone would do to avoid moving from Manhattan”

Green Card Movie PosterThis is another cute romantic film with lots of funny scenes involving the pretty, independent American woman (Andie McDowell) that has to marry someone in order to keep her apartment in Manhattan. The French musician, played by Gerard Depardieu, who is desperate to obtain the green card, is the only possible solution at that moment. The couple marries after all, but their adventure is far to end, as the authorities investigate if the decision is a sincere one. As you can intuit, they try different tricks to prove that they are truly in love and in the end falling in their own “love trap”.

This movie presents beautiful sceneries from Manhattan and the flat that the Andie McDowell’s character try to retain is absolutely superb with a great urban garden. Yes, in this case, you would definitely like to stay in Manhattan and not move somewhere else 🙂

Green Card Manhatan scenes


3. “Ed’sNext Move” (1996) – Move to Manhattan-make a change.

Ed's Next Move Movie PosterIt seems that Manhattan is the perfect set for romantic comedies. Here is another one: “Ed’s Next Move” is less known, compared to the other two, but still funny and appealing to those curious to see a guy passionate about genetics, adapting to the new life in East Village, after living Wisconsin. New friends, new roommate, several unsuccessful dates – but he decided to make a change in his life and to make things work with the charming Lee.

Moving is also about changing the status quo and you could find interesting situations and maybe solutions to cope with the professional and personal life in Manhattan.

Ed's Next Move Manhattan scenes



4. “The Devil’s Advocate” (1997) – Manhattan: paradise…or not?

Devil's Advocate Movie PosterIt’s time for some supernatural events and tough guys in Manhattan! This interesting drama presents the lawyer, Kevin Lomax that leaves Florida with his wife, Mary Ann after accepting a great proposal from the Manhattan law firm of John Milton. The couple moves in an exquisite apartment on Fifth Avenue and Kevin has to deal with some big, controversial cases. The Manhattan paradise seems all you can wish for…but things might go the other way in this movie. Suspense, great cast (Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron), exciting plot –Must see!

Devil's Advocate Manhattan scenes


5. “Spider-Man” (2002) – Crawling the Manhattan skyscrapers and saving the world!

Spiderman 2002 Movie PosterWe think everyone heard of the Marvel character, Spider-Man and its cool powers 🙂 : bungee-jumping from the top of a NY building, avoiding the New York traffic jam easily, travelling like Tarzan through the urban jungle. The first movie featuring Spider-Man stays true to the original story and the central character is Peter Parker, the nerdy boy living with his uncle and aunt. After an incident during a school trip at a museum, Peter discovers his special powers. After graduating the high school, he and his best friend, Harry, move to Manhattan, where all the adventures begin: struggling to save needy people, staying undercover, trying to find out who is Goblin and protecting his family.

Finally, it is a classic…and every time you watch this movie, you cannot miss the beautiful urban scenery and Manhattan view.

Spiderman Manhattan scenes


5 Movies About Moving to Manhattan You Should Know About

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