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7 Important Questions to Ask Your NY Moving Partner before Saying “I DO!”

Questions about NY moving
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Choosing the best NY movers can be a difficult decision, this is the reason it is vital to check background information and to discuss all the details with the companies from the final shortlist. Here is an essential list of questions that can help you hire a professional NYC moving team suitable for your needs:

1. For how many years is your company in moving business?

Why it’s important: For certain, you would not want a newbie in moving business to manage your valuable possessions. Being in business for several years implies know-how, professionalism and the ability to meet the needs of your clients. Because of frequent negative reviews from customers, dishonest companies are inclined to modify their names several times. Trust companies that have many years experience in NY moving, careful with your fragile belongings.

2. Are you part of any local or national organization that is related to moving services?

Why it’s important: Being a member of this kind of associations implies that the moving company complies with strictly defined values and principles. Also, these standards mean certain set of rules if any divergences happen between customer and the company. For several years Empire Movers is a member of American Moving & Storage Association, an important non-profit authority in the moving industry.

3. What sort of moving packages, transportation equipment do you utilize?

Why it’s important: Damaged or falling to pieces trucks and trailers are a weak assurance that your things will arrive safe and sound to the new destination. Our Company has all the needed equipment and special padding materials to manage and to protect your breakables, furniture and other items. We offer a wide selection of quality packing supplies and moving boxes in order to assure a smooth and easy move for you.

4. Can I verify your registration number, moving authorization and insurance?

Why it’s important: Moving is too important to leave it randomly to an unaccredited company. In this case you can put yourself to several risks: the crew may not show up or your items might just disappear. To avoid these unpleasant situations, check for business records online at Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) or other official websites. The best NY movers can be just a click away.

5. Can I see some recommendations from past clients?

Why it’s important: A respected name in the moving industry can be maintained only by offering high-quality services. Expertise, adaptability, safety, flexibility bring satisfied customers, that might be one of the strongest guarantee that you’re choosing a reliable NY moving company. You can find testimonials on the moving company’s website, but also online review websites such as Citysearch, Yelp and Google Places.

6. Are your workers skillful and trained enough to handle my items?

Why it’s important: Moving piano or packing fragile items, for example, cannot be done accurately by inexperienced movers, this is the reason it is essential to find out if the moving company hires casual day laborers or there are frequent staff changes. In this case, our company has a strict policy: Empire Movers Company does not hire unqualified personnel and all the members of our staff are experienced in fine art and piano moving.

7. Do you offer a copy of a customer’s rights and obligations before the moving process?

Why it’s important: Every client should be accustomed to the rights and responsibilities when dealing with a moving company as specified by law. This prevents possible misunderstandings and conflicts that can occur in the moving process. On these page you can familiarized yourself with these aspects provided by the FMCSA, if you consider a potential collaboration with the Empire Movers.

To summarize, we recommend considering these criteria when selecting a reliable and expert NYC moving company: business history, memberships, quality of moving equipment, business legality, references, skills and professionalism, transparency of rights and obligations.

Of course, this is not a complete list so we would like to ask you:

What other factors do you take into account when deciding on a moving company?

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7 Important Questions to Ask Your NY Moving Partner before Saying “I DO!”

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