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Light as a feather: Leave piano moving to experts!

When it comes to New York moving, a piano shouldn’t be taken lightly! Anyway you slice it, it’s a delicate, massive instrument that needs professional brain and brawn to handle it down stairs, through doorways and up into a truck. Well, if you treasure it, that is! And I guess nobody in his right mind would hop his Steinway on the backs of a few buddies to bump it out the door. So, a piano is a valuable instrument that requires expert movers to “persuade” it to relocate alongside you. Period!

“This is one BIG boy! I think we can nuke it!”

Although it’s the major leaguer of the furniture world and many think it would withstand a head-on collision with a tank, the piano is actually a precision instrument with many moving parts and finely tuned strings that could easily sustain damage if not handled properly. Don’t let its size fool you! Get professional NYC movers to treat your piano accordingly during the relocation process!

“Easy does it! Careful! Done!”

Expert piano movers understand exactly how this instrument works and which parts need extra care when dealing with corners, doors or stairs. They also know how to properly disassemble a piano in order for it to safely travel from your room to the truck and back without breaking, scratching or damaging any of its parts or the house. And naturally, you’ll probably want it to be ready to make beautiful music as soon as the move is over, right?

“Sanctuary! Sanctuary!”

So, your piano is in good hands, you decided to go with expert New York movers, but you suddenly realize that your new location is not yet ready to welcome your precious musical instrument. What now? Well, don’t panic! You need temporary storage, another thing your professional NYC movers know a thing or two about. You can’t afford not to let them help you with this! Just imagine what extreme temperatures and inadequate humidity in an inappropriate storage place could do to your piano. The horror! Pay the extra buck, if need be, and get someone to properly look after it until you get everything ready.

Don’t accept half-measures and amateur movers when it comes to moving your piano. Get BIG AND STRONG, BUT GENTLE MOVERS for the job! Empire Movers, experts in furniture, piano and antique moving!

Light as a feather: Leave piano moving to experts!

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