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Attractions that Brooklyn offers those considering to move there

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Brooklyn is one of New York City’s best-known boroughs, with the highest population living there and the second largest as area. Divided into various neighborhoods, it offers tourists and residents alike a wide-range of activities to do in their free time there. If you’ve decided moving to Brooklyn is the right choice for you, these are some of the most popular spots to visit:

The Brooklyn Bridge

An iconic landmark of New York City, this is a great place to have a walk and enjoy the vistas of the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines.

Coney Island

A beach-side community, Coney Island is just a train ride away but offers to take you away from the daily bustle of the busy city. Depending on the season, you can enjoy their various rides, take a dip in the ocean, or visit the New York Aquarium and take some selfies with a cute seal.

Prospect Park

For those of you that are more nature-oriented, moving to Brooklyn still provides you with places where you can unwind in your preferred environment. Prospect Park, located at the very heart of Brooklyn, offers numerous activities for both the older residents of the borough and the ones that have just recently moved to Brooklyn. To name a few, you may choose to take a boat tour or rent a pedal boat, you can relax while fishing, even learn to ride horses or go ice skating, depending on the season.

The Brooklyn Museum

A must for the art-lovers among you. If you’re moving to Brooklyn and have already seen the bigger-name museums in Manhattan, don’t be afraid to visit your local one, as it has a lot to offer. The Museum prides itself in its extensive Egyptian collection, but will also give you the chance to admire the works of Monet or Degas as part of their European collection. Being the first American museum to choose to also include African objects in their collection, we encourage you to not pass by their African galleries.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

A slightly more restrictive option in terms of activities as the Park, this should still be one of the places you visit upon moving to Brooklyn. Laying down on the lawn of the Cherry Esplanade can be a very relaxing activity, if you are so inclined. The Garden also offers you the possibility of enjoying a nice cup of coffee at their Terrace Café.

The Children’s Museum

For those of you that are moving together with your youngsters to Brooklyn, this is a must for their entertainment. There’s a variety of events taking place here for the enjoyment of your kids and the Museum hosts separate areas for various activities, such as a climbing area or a reading room. They also have greenhouses and nature exhibits for you children to discover and interact with the nature around them.

The Brooklyn Flea-Market

We all love a pretty bargain and this is the place to look for it, if your tastes are a bit more particular. The roster of items on sale here is diverse. It ranges from antiques, to handmade art and jewellery, to vintage records and clothes. The street food is not to be ignored either, offering some wacky but tasty selections.

Attractions that Brooklyn offers those considering to move there

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