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The Best Way To Pack Wine Glasses

Pack wine glasses

What you’ll need:

  2. Boxes with cells (preferred)
  3. Removable cell dividers
  4. Empty boxes
  5. Tissue paper
  6. Printless newspaper
  7. Bubble wrap
  8. Cardboard dividers for layering (if you have empty boxes)
  9. Packing tape

When you’re moving, the little things matter. After a long day of moving, unpacking a box of expertly packaged wine glasses and unwinding with your preferred Cabernet may be just the motivation you need to finish the remaining boxes. Find out how to pack wine glasses so they won’t break or chip when you move them into your new house.

Purchase or Recycle Cellular Boxes

Using the proper moving boxes is essential for protecting your glassware during transit. To hold each glass, you need boxes with built-in cells (a grid formed of cardboard walls). These boxes are available from wine and liquor retailers, who frequently lend them to movers. Ask if you may take some of their money off their hands if you want to save some money.

If you need new boxes, look for “dish packs” with double-thick walls and cells that are roughly 5.2 cubic feet in size. These are typically used by experienced movers to pack your kitchen. Fragile glassware is best protected by sturdy boxes. For approximately $6 each, you can purchase them online or at hardware and home improvement stores.

Assemble the appropriate packing supplies

The correct packing supplies will ensure that your search for wine bottle boxes was worthwhile if the right box is the cornerstone of your successful glass move.

Observe the following:

  • Tissue paper
  • Printless newspaper (ink transfers to glass)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Cardboard divider sheets for layering (if you have empty boxes)

Although not required, some wrapping materials are more readily available and more reasonably priced than others. After choosing which boxes to utilize (with or without cells), it is simpler to plan what supplies to purchase. Consider using these materials later to package and wrap cookware and dishes that only appear on your dining room table once a year.

If your cartons are empty, think about wrapping each glass in bubble wrap and a layer of packing paper. Alternatively, two layers of printless newspaper should work if your boxes have cells. Don’t worry; when you wrap and stack the glasses later, you’ll add more packing material.

Burrito-style Wine Glasses Wrapped

You might roll wine glasses in paper for an hour or two, depending on the size of your stemware collection and your level of caution.

Here’s how you wrap wine glasses in a burrito style:

Gently stuff the wine glass globes with tissue paper. You can’t be too careful with those giant red wine globes.

  • Set a wine glass on the corner of some bubble wrap or packing paper.
  • Begin to roll the glass and tuck the paper’s sides in, much like you would when wrapping a burrito.
  • Up until the very end, keep rolling the glass across the paper.
  • Repeat steps 3–5 three to five more times to attach and cushion the glass.

Layer, Padding, and Pad the Wine Glasses

If you have a box with removable cells or that is empty, line the bottom with many layers of packing paper or place a cardboard divider sheet there. Each wrapped glass should be placed stem first into the compartments, with tissue or newspaper print added to reduce movement.

If you don’t have cells, stack the wrapped glasses in the box upright, stem to rim. This way, there is less strain on the weak sides of the glasses, making them more secure during the shift.

Place another cardboard layer on top and continue layering until the box is about filled. Finally, place a final cardboard layer on top.

Add balled paper or bubble wrap to both types of boxes to fill in the spaces. You’re attempting to stop any movement that could harm something. Don’t cut corners now—you’ve come this far to safeguard your antique crystal.

Shut the Box Flaps and Gently Shake

Give the box a light shake after you close the flaps. Do you notice any rattling or movement? If so, include more packing supplies. Allow the box to sound and feel secure before taping it shut. They will value the added security if you select a local moving company to pick up and deliver your boxes.

Put packing tape on the box and label it “Fragile”

Use a piece of packing tape to seal each seam on the box’s top. Check the stability of the bottom seams if you’re using recycled boxes, and add tape if necessary. The last thing you want after a long day is a spill of wine glasses and packing material.

Write “FRAGILE” in bold, huge characters and add the information that there are wine glasses inside. Additionally, include “up” arrows to indicate the correct way to stack the boxes.

Is Bubble Wrap or Paper a Better Choice for Wine Glasses?

You may be debating between paper wrap and bubble wrap while packing your collection of wine glasses in preparation for a relocation. Most of the time, bubble wrap is the answer. These breakables are better cushioned and protected with bubble wrap, which prevents them from breaking while being transported.

Wine glasses sometimes acquire circular bubble wrap designs on them, thus some people choose to wrap them in paper wrap instead. Although it’s uncommon, you can substitute paper wrap if you use numerous layers and wrap them firmly.

DIY Wine Glass Pack vs. Professional Service

You should be able to move your collection of wine glasses from one location to another if you adhere to the preceding instructions. However, packing fragile items by yourself might be anxiety-inducing.

If you’d rather leave this work to an expert, you may hire a nearby moving company to pack and unpack your belongings. If you already have a moving firm on your side, inquire with a representative of the business about adding packing and unpacking services to your final fee. Keep in mind that adding packing services to your move will cost you roughly $1,000.

How should wine glasses be placed in a suitcase?

If you don’t have any tissue paper on hand, begin by wrapping your wine glasses in a brown paper bag. Then, in order to prevent the bottles and glasses from rattling, you must design your own “cells” inside a box. You can make your own cells using Styrofoam plates. Simply make sure to cushion the box’s bottom as well.

What kind of wine glass storage is the most effective?

Keep your glasses upright when storing them

The ideal way to store wine is really with the rim facing up, despite the fact that many people prefer to store their wine glasses upside down. The easiest approach to avoid damage is to do this since placing too much weight on the glass’ rim can cause it to break or crack.

Do wine glasses need to be stored upside down?

Unlike plates, glasses are placed in the box like they are in the cupboard; either way, as long as they are not sideways, is OK.

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The Best Way To Pack Wine Glasses

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