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Moving FAQ: Where Can I Get Free Moving Boxes in NYC?

April 27, 2012

where to find free moving boxes nycNYC moving can be costly, this is why every solution to save some money is more than welcomed. Finding free moving supplies, such as used moving boxes can reduce the overall relocation expenses, so why not collect resources for your moving day in advance?

Cutting down the moving costs can be a reasonable decision because packing boxes are used generally only for a short time.

Because many users ask us what are the best places to find moving boxes for free, we compiled a list that might be useful in your quest of hunting free boxes:


  1. Liquor stores. Liquor bottles are packed in small, but solid boxes, which are suitable for fragile or heavy objects. Although, it is recommended to ask for covered boxes that are easier to stack.
  2. Craigslist. Internet is a great resource to find persons that give away free moving boxes. You might find an offer close to your location, so give it a try.
  3. Social networks. Why not ask your friends, family or acquaintances? Maybe they can provide you with some used packing boxes that there currently do not need or maybe they may know somebody that moved recently and would like to get rid of boxes.
  4. Workplace. Sometimes the best solutions are just around the corner. If you work in an office that receives regularly supplies, such as paper or equipment, you might be lucky. This way, you can collect quality moving boxes in good condition
  5. 5. Retail & grocery stores. these locations receive shipments on a daily basis and these can be a valuable source of free quality boxes, especially from bookstores or shoe stores. If you consider going to grocery stores, it might be best to choose apple boxes, as they are more suitable for moving.
  6. Starbucks & McDonald’s. Starbucks receives twice a week product supplies that come in boxes of different sizes that can be adjusted to various moving needs. In addition, according to some online sources, fry boxes might be great for packing heavy items.


We hope this list will help you in gathering enough boxes for your moving day, but if you are short of boxes, give us a call!