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What advantages moving to Westchester brings with it

May 28, 2018

In recent years, many young families have chosen to move their nest from Manhattan or Brooklyn and into Westchester. If you’re struggling to make ends meet in the heart of the city, we’re here to give you some insight on what moving to Westchester might do for you and your family:

Significantly reduced housing expenses

Moving to Westchester can leave you with quite a few extra bucks in your wallet, when compared to Manhattan. In this suburb, you’ll end up paying somewhere between $350 and $1000 for each square foot. If you consider that the prices in Manhattan start at around $1300 for and can go up to $6000, you can probably see how a move to Westchester can be beneficial to your budget.

Town comforts

What interests a lot of urban buyers are vibrant downtown areas, with great pedestrian access. Moving to Westchester can give you access to its many communities. These are characterized by a certain old-world charm and quaintness, as well as a scenic, rural ambient. You’ll find everything you might want, from entertainment venues, to shopping centres, to amazing parks and scenery. Of particular appeal are the river towns in this area, so if you’re considering moving to suburb, make sure to take a tour of them, maybe one will spark your interest.

Westchester and its high-level education

If you’re moving to Westchester with your family and kids, you’ll be glad to know that its educational system is considered one of the best in the country. And that’s both in the public and private sector. Dubbed as ‘New York’s Intellectual Capital’, you can find some of the highest-rated schools in the communities such as Scarsdale or Edgemont.

Short commutes

Apart from great neighbourhoods and good schools, young families looking to move to Westchester will also be interested in knowing that the place boasts of very quick commutes to Manhattan, with plenty of towns that have a direct rail access via Metro North.

To sum up, if you’ve started realizing that the big city life is not quite exactly for you and you are looking to expand and settle into a roomier home with your family or alone, do consider looking into Westchester as your new destination. Moving to the suburb can come with a great many advantages, as you’ve already seen. All, while not being too far away from the heart of the party that is Manhattan.