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How to make sure your furniture survives long-term storage

May 22, 2018

Moving to New York means you’ll have to make several adjustments. You will have to carefully select which items you actually need and can fit into your new place. Because it is unlikely that you will be able to afford the same square footage as in your previous location. For those pieces of furniture that don’t fit your new decorating scheme, the storage option is available. If you have had no experience with this, here are a few of tips to help simplify this for you:

Cleaning and preparing your items for storage

When you’re planning your move to New York, you will have to sort through your furniture. You need to decide what is coming with you and what will be placed in storage. For the items that will be stored away, you should make certain to give them all a thorough cleaning, in accordance with the type of material the item is made off. After wiping the furniture down with appropriate solutions, make sure to let them dry completely in a well ventilated area, so that after you move them into storage, there will be no mold issues.


If you’re moving to New York and find yourself in need of storing part of your furniture or belongings, consider disassembling the items that can be taken apart. This will help you both in removing the furniture from your old location, as well as make for an easier loading into your moving truck and better organization in your storage unit.

Protect your furniture with covers

This will be a necessary step both for the transportation part of your storage adventure, as well as for the actual storage. If moving to New York requires you to store some of your belongings in a storage unit, be sure your items will be safe. Wrap your fragile objects in bubble wrap and cover wooden furniture with appropriate cloth covers or sheets. Research exactly what type of protection you should be using. Not all materials are appropriate for every type of furniture. And using a wrong type of protective cover could lead to more issues.

Use your storage space wisely

The first instinct you will have regarding the manner of storing your items will be to attempt and maximize your unit space. People usually do this by cramming the items in as much as possible. This can be counterproductive though. If you’re planning to move to New York and have to use a storage unit for the rest of your belongings, you should come up with a carefully thought out plan for how you will organize your storage unit. Actually leaving some space between your items and not over-crowding them will be better for your items. This will allow for air flow between your furniture. And it also makes it easier to prevent damaging your items when you’ll have to remove something from storage.

Final word

If you’re about to move to New York and your new place lacks space, consider using a storage unit. Empire Movers hopes that these tips will help you make sure your furniture will be waiting for you in a pristine condition.