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Is it required to tip your long-distance movers?

May 25, 2018

So you’ve decided to move your nest and have hired professional help to make your move smoother. A question that frequently pops up in such a case is whether or not you should also tip the team of movers relegated to your moving enterprise. Here are some aspects to keep in mind when deciding whether to tip your long-distance movers:

Is it a necessity?

This one is fairly straightforward. Tipping is not a necessity. The fee you paid when hiring the moving company covers their pay. However, if you are particularly satisfied with the job the movers did with packing your stuff and transporting it and all that comes with it, you may want to thank them additionally. In this case, tipping your movers would be quite appropriate.

How much should you tip?

If you’ve decided your movers have done a satisfying job and want to tip them but don’t know how much you should tip, you’re not alone. There is no real standard on how much you should tip your movers. Some people go by percentage, but this isn’t really recommended in the case of long-distance moving. The general consensus on how much to tip your movers seems to be around $5 dollars per hour for each mover. But, again, this isn’t set in stone. Consider how satisfied you are with the services provided, how much care the movers put into your move, and then try to estimate what that is worth for you. Finally adjust your tips accordingly.

Can you tip your movers with food?

This is also open to debate. We’ve all probably helped a friend move at some point or another and know how tiring it can get and how happy we were to get a hot slice of pizza and a cold beer after all that gruelling work. It seems thus safe to assume that the sentiment would be the same for professional movers you’ve hired to do the job. However, some people consider this to be rather cheap or inappropriate and prefer to tip movers in cash based on the idea that you can buy whatever you need with that money.

Once again, there is no sure-fire recipe for how to do these things. We personally prefer to both provide them with some sustenance during the job and tip the movers with some cash as well, but you should analyse your own situation and figure out what is appropriate. If you’re short on cash, tipping with food might better suit your situation.

Who do you actually tip?

You will sometimes find that you have different crews working on your long-distance move. You might have one team that is in charge of packing and loading your things. Another one may be responsible for driving your belongings to your new home. And a final, third one could wait for you there to unpack the truck. You should make certain to ask exactly how this will go. Thus, you can make sure to tip everyone involved accordingly. You should tip each mover individually, not just the head of the crews. Tipping your movers in person shows that you really appreciate the individual effort they put into your move.

Final Word

This being said, we, the Empire Movers team, hope that we managed to help you figure out a few aspects involved in tipping your movers, so that you may be better prepared to figure out whether you should tip your movers and how much you should be tipping them.