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Downsizing – tips for when you make the move from a house to an apartment

June 5, 2018

Deciding to move from your comfortable, sprawled-out house to a cosy apartment can have its own challenges. People that are looking to move to New York often find themselves faced with this issue. For whatever reason you decided to downsize to an apartment, be it merely the financial aspect or simply the fact that you do not need that much space, here are some pointers to help you simplify this transition:


It goes without saying that a house tends to be significantly roomier than an apartment. Along the years, you’ve definitely accumulated a vast array of clothes, decorations, knick-knacks that you just don’t really need and will not have the space for when moving into a tiny residential unit in NYC. As such, purging your house is essential. Take a proper inventory of every little item you possess and sort it out in piles of stuff to be kept, sold/donated or trashed. I know it’s difficult giving away that really stunning dress that hasn’t fit you in ten years, but for the sake of your sanity when moving, let it go, ladies. If you really can’t part with things that you know you won’t be able to find any place for in your new apartment, consider the option of renting out a storage unit.

Getting multi-purpose furniture is a great move

So you haven’t really decided to go with the minimalistic approach to life and now that you’ve moved to your new place in NYC, there’s somehow never enough storage space for anything. Yes, we know the struggle and feel your pain. The easy way to fix this is to make sure all the furniture you have can do double-duty. For instance, consider investing in a dresser that can double up as a stand for your TV, or a bed with adequate storage drawers for your seasonal clothing or bed linens.

Keep the place clutter-free

Well done, you’ve purged your belongings of unnecessary things and you’ve found adequate storage space for the ones you decided to keep. Your new apartment you’ve moved into in New York looks neat and inviting and you feel at home in it. Now you just have to keep it this way. You will find out pretty soon that randomly leaving your things laying around is far more noticeable in a small space than it is in a wide, open space. And you probably are still in the habit of picking up random things just because you will be overwhelmed by the amount of bargains and sales you can find after a move to NYC and you will invariably think that you’ll find some purpose for whatever item has caught your attention this time.

I can promise you, you’ll most likely end up leaving them forgotten in some corner of the place. This will soon reward you with a cluttered place, making the space feel even smaller and more crowded than it actually is. The simple solution? Make sure to put everything back in its designated place and keep your binge shopping under control and you’ll have a far more enjoyable time after moving.