empire movers scam busters

Moving Scam Busted! Empire Movers caught scammers red-handed!

May 29, 2018

The number of moving scams has increased rapidly in recent years and have now become a real danger for the moving industry. Scammers steal the identities of honest businesses and […]

long island

Moving to Long Island – the best attractions and activities in the area

May 29, 2018

KIf you’ve moved to Long Island, you’re probably overwhelmed by the endless possibilities of places to visit and things to do. We’ll try to make it easier for you. Here’s […]

westchester brooklyn

Moving to Westchester – Local attractions for your bucket list

May 28, 2018

If you’ve decided to move to Westchester, you will soon find that it has quite a lot to offer, in terms of sight-seeing and activities you can partake in. Here’s […]

westchester moving in new york city moving teenagers

What advantages moving to Westchester brings with it

May 28, 2018

In recent years, many young families have chosen to move their nest from Manhattan or Brooklyn and into Westchester. If you’re struggling to make ends meet in the heart of […]

moving furniture business

Tips and tricks for moving furniture

May 17, 2018

Whether you’re relocating and have chosen to skip hiring moving professionals or if you’re simply redecorating, you’ve probably wondered how in heavens are you supposed to move that massive piece […]


How to best pack dishes, glassware and other breakable items

May 7, 2018

Dishes, glassware and other breakable items complicate any move, be it a small one or very large. Fortunately packing dishes doesn’t have to be too complicated. With the right materials, […]

quality movers moving

How to hire quality movers in New York

April 5, 2018

Millions of people are moving each year in the United States and a large portion of those moves are taking place right here, in New York City. Unfortunately, as a […]

furniture moving to a new home pack

What to pack first when moving to a new home

April 3, 2018

Moving to a new place should not scare you. It’s just a fresh start, a new chapter in the story of your life. So don’t be afraid to do it. […]

moving tips

14 useful moving tips

April 2, 2018

Moving is never easy, especially if you’re not a minimalist. It can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. With the following moving tips, you can […]

National Moving Month Is Almost Here!

April 23, 2012

Are you prepared to celebrate moving? Our Empire Movers’ team is ready for sure! May is our favorite month of the year as it marks the beginning of the busiest […]