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Celebrities Moving to Big Apple This Fall!

If you are not sure yet that moving to NY is the best decision for you, let’s check who among the celebrities decided lately to move to Big Apple. According to our online sources, New York City will be the new home for many famous celebs. More exactly, professional moving services will be need for Alexa Chung, Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian:). Check below all the details!

Alexa Chung Moves to NYC

As reported by the online media, the TV presenter, Alexa Chung, acquired a home in NY and you can easily bump into her in East Village, Manhattan. Alexa Chung’s new home on East Third Street is reported to be a beautiful apartment in an impressive art-deco building suitable for her wide wardrobe. Moving an extensive collection of clothes, especially if you are a fashionista, is sure challenging and requires expert help and careful approach. (We will try to cover this subject in a future post on this blog).

Jennifer Aniston Movers to NYC

Meet another NY neighbor! It’s all-time favorite “Friends” star, Jennifer Aniston! Jen decided to sell her superb mansion in sunny Beverly Hills and move to New York City. Apparently, she was always a big fan of New York “I grew up here. I miss it. There’s nothing like being in the city…[it’s] the city of every man. It’s all walks and I love that.” said the famous actress during a TV interview. Most likely, the actress can be spotted this fall in West Village, Manhattan, where she bought two spacious apartments.

Kim Kardashian Moves to NYC

Last but not least, the famous newlywed star, Kim Kardashian is choosing Big Apple for her reality show “Kourtney & Kim Take New York”. This is not the only reason why we will see Kim often in NY, as her husband Kris Humphries plays for the New Jersey Nets basketball team and the couple is moving soon to their new home in Manhattan, NY.

Finally, we hope the news convinced you to move to the all-time celebrity favorite city-New York. In case you are anxious to move in here, give us a call in order to receive expert moving services accessible not only to celebrities. Tired of NY celebrities and paparazzi? We can also help you move from New York: (212)-365-8367!

Celebrities Moving to Big Apple This Fall!

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