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What to consider when choosing a storage unit

Moving to New York can be quite a challenge for a number of reasons. You will often find that, apart from the general humdrum of finding a new home, planning and prepping everything, you will also find yourself in need to store a part of your belongings. So in case your move to New York City has got you wondering how to go about this, here’s what you should consider when choosing a storage unit

What to consider when choosing a storage unit

Be aware that not all storage companies are equal, nor are all storage facilities created equal either. There can be massive differences between them, in terms of what they offer exactly. Things to take into account here would be the security measures that are in place, how clean the storage facility and unit is, whether or not there is any temperature control, as well as the quality of the customer service the company provides, or whether or not they provide the moving trucks and packing materials for you (and whether this are included in the storage fee or charged extra). You should also carefully discuss storage rates and how often the company is going to be modifying these, in order to make certain you don’t fall for a bargain that will just end up costing you more in the long run.

Security should be a priority

On the subject of security, appearances can be deceiving. If moving to New York City is forcing you to rent a storage unit, take a careful look at their security measures. Having security gates and padlocks does not necessarily mean that your items are safe. More often than not, storage burglaries happen when the thieves actually rent a unit themselves. They then lie in wait for the proper time to strike. To avoid such issues, be sure to check if your storage facility uses padlocks or the newer and more secure cylinder locks.  These can’t be cut with bolt cutters.

Also, if you’re moving to NYC and are renting a storage unit, choose a facility with alarms on every unit’s door.  These can accurately pinpoint when one has been tampered with, if it will be the case. This goes without saying. You should base your choice according to which facility has more security cameras in place.

Consider climate controlled storage units

Climate controlled storage units will help protect your items. If you’re moving to New York and find yourself in need of a storage unit, get one with climate control. Weather can be a fickle thing. The constant changes in both temperature and humidity can do some serious damage to your belongings. Especially when dealing with wooden furniture or fabrics. Climate controlled storage units use air conditioning and heating units in order to maintain a constant level of humidity and appropriate temperature. They keep your belongings safe from the influence of the elements.

Final word

These are some of the main aspects to look for when moving to New York and renting a storage unit. Of course, other factors will contribute to your decision. But these are the ones you should look at first to ensure the safety of your goods.

What to consider when choosing a storage unit

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